What do I need for meal delivery services?
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What Do I Need For Meal Delivery Services?

So you’ve decided to do Blue Apron or Hello Fresh or whatever. Now you’re probably thinking what do I need for meal delivery services? No? You thought you’d get everything you need in the box and be good to go? Surprise! They don’t have it all. They have most of it, sure, but there is a little work involved, and they do expect you to have a few things in your cabinet. Without further ado, here’s what you should have on hand to get started.

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salt and pepper

Salt, Pepper, & Oil

As far as I can tell, these are the only edible things you’re REQUIRED to get yourself. I mean, unless you hate salt and pepper, in which case you can skip those. Can’t skip the oil though – it’s a cooking essential. They typically suggest olive oil, but you can use vegetable oil too.

Butter, Wine

These aren’t necessary, but every once in a while it will crop up that you can add butter or wine to your meal for a little more flavor. I have gone without plenty of times and the food tastes fine, but it’s always nice to add everything they suggest.

Essential Cooking Tools

knife and vegetables

A Sharp Knife

No joke you guys, some of the stuff they send in those boxes is impossible to cut. If you are a fan of sweet potatoes, for example, you must know that cutting through them requires those knives that cut through pennies. Very ridiculous. I use Henckles, but I also have a nice knife sharpener since I’m using them so often.

Cutting Board

When you get your meals delivered to you, they send you all kinds of delicious, fresh fruits and veggies. But, they aren’t usually pre-cut. You’re going to need a cutting board to go along with your knife unless you want to ruin your counters.

Pots/Pans/Baking Sheets

I assume most of you already have these, but maybe not. Meal delivery services do heavily advertise for people who “don’t know how to cook,” so it’s possible your kitchen is bare. You can pick up a cheap set if you really don’t have anything, just know you need them.

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Another thing you probably already have, but be aware that even though you’re not sent much more food than you need, there is a lot of splitting ingredients. I’m an eyeballer for the most part, but there are still some things I want to be precise on. If you like less dishes, get the measuring cups with multiple measurements inside.

The Conveniences

Herb Stripper

I love to cook, but I would never have suspected I’d own an herb stripper. Yet, here we are. This is absolutely a first world sort of thing, but they’re cheap so you don’t feel too bad about picking one up. I used to rely on dried spices, but they come fresh in meal delivery packages. It was oregano that finally did me in – too much pulling little leaves not to use the stripper.

Grater, Peeler, Zester

You can do all of this with a knife if you want. You could even refuse to peel things or zest them. But, if you don’t want to scrub a bunch of rough vegetables or miss out on some lemony goodness, you’ll probably want some sort of peeler, grater, or zester. Two notes on these – cheese will come shredded, but if you do any sort of cauli-rice thing, you will want a grater.

Bonus Tips

Now that we’ve answered, “What do I need for meal delivery services?” I have two bonus tips for you. First, if you like healthy food and great recipes, you should try Sunbasket. They’re a little more expensive, but my family agrees their quality is way better than the others. The second tip I have is to use meals with cucumbers first. Why? Out of every bizarre thing I’ve had delivered, they are consistently the things that travel the worst. All right, enjoy your meal delivery!

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