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Weird and Creative Party Themes for Adults

Hi college students. You’re here because you read “creative party themes for adults” and thought that meant you, right? Well, it might. But I should warn you, this is not “any occupation for males + hoes” type parties, because I’m way too old to think the hoes part is funny. Also, I’ve had two kids. My skimpy costume days are over, me thinks. 

But, fear not! There are still costumes involved in these weird ideas. I dug into my inner depths to come up with some bizarre party themes, just for kicks. Maybe not as bizarre as that picture up there – I mean, how did it ever come to be included in theme party stock photos? How could I not include it when I saw it? But still, kind of strange. Whether you use them or not is up to you, but hopefully they’ll at least inspire you to come up with your own creative party themes for adults. 

Twelve Weird & Creative Party Themes for Adults

1. Literature Party

full bookshelf

There’s a speakeasy in my town called The Library. All the drinks are named after books. I say take that one step further and come as your favorite character, a play on books, or anything book related. Now you’re smart – and possibly drunk, if that’s your hosting type.

2. True Crime Party

This one’s weird because, well, who wants to have a party to celebrate criminals? On the other hand, it’s kind of a way to have a scary Halloween party at any point in the year. I’ve actually covered this before, so if the idea of crime scene decor floats your boat, check out my Murderino Party Ideas.

3. Throwback Meme Party

I’ve never done this because I waited too long for it to be relevant, but I really wanted to have a Chuck Norris party where everyone wrote their favorite Chuck Norris joke on a T-shirt and we played Walker, Texas Ranger in the background. That’s what inspired this – since we’re talking creative party themes for adults, we probably all remember the early days of the internet. Instead of a boring 90s party, mix it up with off the wall memories!

4. Come as Your Favorite Dictator Party

What?! Beth, that’s terribly offensive. Yeah, I know. But everything’s offensive these days, so I say go all in and offend the world’s worst dictators. Just kidding. Don’t throw a dictator party, unless you’re going with TV character dictators only. You don’t want North Korea to censor you.

5. Abstract Art Party

abstract painting

Everyone’s seen Bob Ross parties, right? And they’re super fun, truly, but he’s so mainstream now it’s not really that creative anymore, is it? Here’s my take on abstract art parties, but if you figure out how to do your own share in the comments!

6. Will Ferrell Party

You can do any actor/actress, really, but Will Ferrell has such a variety of costumes in his work that your grown up friends who hate dressing up will be able to find something, as well as the Mugatu type. Personally, I’m rooting for someone to do this and come in a nude leotard & leggings as Frank the Tank.

7. Wine Snob Party

wine glass over picnic table

These creative party themes for adults have got to be more sophisticated and less weird, am I right? How about having everyone bring a bottle of wine and dressing up fancy. Now, if you actually know a lot about wine, you should skip this. It’s for the pretenders. Make up your own terms for your tasting notes (ah, this is very “gravelly” and tastes of “cantaloupe”) and be sure to give the person with the “best” nose a prize.

8. Exhausted Parent Party

Not a parent? Maybe this is not for you. But if the majority of your friends are, you all know how exhausting parenting is. Come dressed in your worst clothes with wild hair. Serve only microwavable food – or just dessert. Decorate half a room and then quit. Put the drinks in the middle of the living room so no one has to go very far. Hmm. I need to do this ASAP.

9. Dull or Doomed Viewing Party

Anyone can throw a Walking Dead/Game of Thrones/Bachelorette style viewing party. But these are creative party themes for adults, people. Let’s get weird. Instead of throwing a viewing party for something everyone loves, throw a viewing party for a show that might bore you, like the local news. Or, if you’ve seen something terrible recently, celebrate it before it gets the ax. Challenge your friends to come up with a theme dish or costume. Here’s the basics on viewing parties. Now take it up a notch.

10. Podcast Party

podcast microphone

I’m slightly obsessed with podcasts, as I don’t have time to look at a screen for stories. Now, you don’t see podcasters, so if you want to attempt to dress like them, go ahead, but don’t expect people to know who you are. Actually, it might be more fun to dress how you think the podcast hosts should look based on their voice and then look them up later. Anyway, the point isn’t dressing up. It’s getting new podcast recommendations! Play Guess the Podcast or have all your guests subscribe to new podcasts for one another.

11. Prepper Party

Fellow millennials, we’ve killed every industry. Generations above us, you killed the world. Why not go out in style and celebrate the end? I once attended a 2012 Mayan Apocalypse party that required costumes but gave absolutely no guidelines for them. I loved it. My husband and I dressed as soldiers to keep people in line, but we saw people who decided to go out in their finest clothes, hazmat suits, wild aliens, and much much more. This will inspire everyone’s creativity. You can also have everyone bring their fanciest bean and rice dinner. ­čÖé

12. Back in College Party

A back in college party is one of many great creative theme parties for adults

Still here, college kids? This one is definitely not for you! When I asked my best friend what would be the weirdest theme party she’d throw, this was it. It made me laugh. Now, I don’t know what you did in college, but if you didn’t enjoy a lack of responsibility and supervision, you did it wrong. You can get wasted if you want to, but I think the real goal should be to experience the silliness of a college freshman. What odd thing did you do? Skateboard in the dorms? Prank wars? Play Twister in an elevator (yes, I did do that one)? Thrift store costumes for no reason? Whatever it was, build your party around that.

That about wraps up this current batch of weird and creative party themes for adults – although who knows, maybe I’ll think of more later. If none of these were quite your speed, perhaps you’d like to check out my dinner party series instead. The Seven Deadly Sins are coming up next, so stay tuned for that by signing up to my newsletter!

creative party themes for adults collage
creative party themes for adults collage
creative party themes for adults collage
creative party themes for adults collage

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