Fun Christmas food traditions can stay the same each year but offer different foods. #Christmas #christmasfood #christmasmeals #foodtraditions #christmastraditions #holidays #familytraditions
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Ways to Create Fun Christmas Food Traditions

Everyone needs some fun Christmas food traditions. I don’t mean fun as in, oh yes, it’s fun to have the same traditions year after year. I mean, let’s jazz this up and get a tradition that can change a little bit to keep it interesting! If you haven’t heard, millennials are foodies. My husband and I are technically millennials,  and we are most definitely food people. I’m not going to mess with Thanksgiving. Those foods are sacred. But Christmas is a little more flexible, and I think it’s a great idea to come up with traditions that evolve. Here’s a few ways to do that:

4 Fun Christmas Food Traditions

1. Get Crazy with Breakfast

Fun Christmas food traditions can stay the same each year but offer different foods. #Christmas #christmasfood #christmasmeals #foodtraditions #christmastraditions #holidays #familytraditions

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a late Christmas breakfast. Well, later. I guess it’s still pretty early since I have a toddler with serious FOMO. I don’t have any fun breakfast traditions yet, but if my family decides they want to have the same dinner year after year, I can definitely see myself turning breakfast into a surprise meal. There are so many ways to do this. I suggest making really Christmassy breakfasts. One year you can try Christmas tree waffles, the next a candy cane pastry. Seriously, so many options!

2. Choose a Base Dessert and Dress it Up

Fun Christmas food traditions can stay the same each year but offer different foods. #Christmas #christmasfood #christmasmeals #foodtraditions #christmastraditions #holidays #familytraditions

Desserts are the most important part of fun Christmas food traditions, right? So make yours especially fun by choosing a basic dessert and changing it each year. What do I mean exactly? Think of cheesecake. You’ve got a basic cheesecake, and they’re delicious, but there’s approximately 8 million cheesecake recipes out there (that might be a slight exaggeration). One year you do basic, the next year you try a pecan pie or a caramel apple crisp cheesecake.  Now every year your family knows they’re getting cheesecake, but you get to experiment with new ways to make it!

3. Go International

Fun Christmas food traditions can stay the same each year but offer different foods. #Christmas #christmasfood #christmasmeals #foodtraditions #christmastraditions #holidays #familytraditions

What if your tradition was celebrating a new culture every year? Then every year you’re doing the same thing, but eating something totally different. I personally love this idea, because there’s nothing I like more than cooking up something new and delicious. Here’s just one place to start on your search for other country’s Christmas food. If you can’t stand the idea of having something different every year and not getting that big fat turkey, you could always implement this on Christmas Eve, or make Christmas Eve your regular dinner. Christmas is so nice it gives you two chances for fun Christmas food traditions.

4. Add a Fancy Drink

Fun Christmas food traditions can stay the same each year but offer different foods. #Christmas #christmasfood #christmasmeals #foodtraditions #christmastraditions #holidays #familytraditions

I’ve been known to throw a cocktail competition or two, so this makes perfect sense to me. Except, instead of alcohol, I think it would be really fun to try a different hot chocolate every year. Then the kids can play too. Of course, I’m not anti-alcohol, so that also works. Either way, this gives you the chance to make the same food every year but add something a little extra to keep yourself interested. Or to keep yourself from getting too irritated by all those new noisy toys, if you choose the alcohol way. 🙂 Now go out, enjoy your new fun Christmas food traditions, and be merry!


Fun Christmas food traditions can stay the same each year but offer different foods. #Christmas #christmasfood #christmasmeals #foodtraditions #christmastraditions #holidays #familytraditions

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  1. robin rue says:

    I always do a big breakfast on Christmas morning, but somehow I got roped into doing Christmas dinner at my house, so I think I might downsize the breakfast a little.

  2. One Christmas we found ourselves the only one’s in town in our family, so we chose to have an Italian Christmas dinner. It was nice to step away from our traditional holiday dishes….One holiday tradition we never steer away from is breakfast. We always have a French Toast casserole for breakfast on Christmas morning.

  3. Great ideas! Breakfasts are a great way to spend family time. I can see making something totally surprise.

  4. I love this idea. We always do a really big breakfast on Christmas Morning and invite friends and family to join us. I love the idea of international foods

  5. I make homemade cinnamon rolls every Christmas for breakfast. It’s tradition for us.

  6. I am definitely down for some fun Christmas food traditions this year! I love the sound of the Christmas Tree waffles and the candy cane pastry which both sound delicious x

  7. These are all awesome ideas for Christmas! It would be nice to start a tradition that has something to do with food!

  8. I love the idea of going International. I was telling my husband the other day that I wanted Indian dinner for Christmas! I think I’m going to do it!

  9. We always do breakfast after presents. Then, we go to my in-law’s to be with the whole family. We do family pictures: each family and their kids, all the cousins and their spouses/boyfriends or girlfriends, and pictures of the grand kids with papa and grandma. Love your ideas!

  10. Food is a huge part of my life, you can say that I’m a self proclaimed foodie and I’d love to share that love for food with the kids by creating traditions! I think these are great ideas!

  11. reesa says:

    For my family, the holidays are all about food! I love your idea about a special holiday breakfast!

  12. We were totally going to do number 3. . . . and then it never happened! We were going to start with France. Had all the ideas and menus printed out. . . and nothing. I would love to try to start it for real. Love the idea of switching things up for the holiday.

  13. We do all of these! My husband created a Spanish Thanksgiving, we have an annual Christmas cocktail, Christmas breakfast is an EVENT, and we are all about the snacks.

  14. kim says:

    Wow, you make all that look so good. Our traditions are kind of boring, it’s the same ole same ole each year. I must spruce it up though!!! Good tips here.

  15. I always make my grandma’s Oatmeal cookies for Christmas time. She did it when she was alive and now I do it with my daughter. I also plan on starting slow cooker hot chocolate this year for my big Christmas party

  16. Brittany says:

    I love this so much! Traditions are very important to our family. I love coming up with new traditions with our loved ones for the holidays.

  17. I love all these ideas. My favorite is going international and creating festive holiday drinks. I’m always curious about how other countries or cultures celebrate the holiday with food.

  18. I love this idea. I was saying the exact same thing about our Thanksgiving this year.

  19. Jeanine says:

    These are great! I think this year I’m going to change things up and create some new food traditions. My family will love it!

  20. I love holiday food traditions! I’ll have to keep that caramel apple crisp cheesecake in mind. It looks and sounds so delicious!

  21. This is such a fun idea for foodies like myself! I usually have brunch for the family on Christmas morning and in the evening we have a big family meal with the in-laws.

  22. I have been trying to get my husband to try some international fare for Christmas dinner. Sadly, he still wants a plain old ham 🙁

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