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Twenty Murderino Party Ideas

Readers, some of you are probably wondering what the heck murderino party ideas are. Well, basically they’re ideas for a true crime theme party, but more specifically it’s ideas from the podcast My Favorite Murder. If you aren’t a true crime person, these ideas could still help you throw an awesome Halloween party, but there are a few that you aren’t going to understand without listening to the podcast. Are you wondering if I’m turned in to some sort of creep? Nope. I’ve always been this way! I have a degree in criminal justice, you know. It’s kind of my thing.

Real fast, some of these ideas come from the former Facebook group to MFM. It disbanded because of people getting all angry and up in arms , or, you know, behaving in the general way all Americans do in 2018. I’m not going to get into the politics of that (in fact, if you’ve read me before, you may guess I’ll be hiding under the table if you try), but I do want to say, if you have any ideas you want to add that you previously shared there I’d love to include them! I don’t know how to credit to anyone, so really, feel free to contact me or leave a comment. Anyway, here are my favorite murderino party ideas.

Murderino Party Ideas

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Cult Dinner Party
pink kool aid
Dang, it appears my pitcher has a leak. No one will be able to drink my Flavor Aid now.

This idea comes from a vague memory I have of the Facebook page.  I don’t recall what they did, exactly, other than wear white, but cults are a fun not-totally-murdery choice for a party. You should probably serve Kool-Aid because, obviously, but other than that the sky’s the limit! You can serve food the cults would have eaten (mostly low calorie stuff so they could starve you and control your mind), food from places like Guyana (Jonestown) or San Diego (Heaven’s Gate),  or give your food fun names like “Mind Control Soup” or “Chicken A La Koresh.”

Last Meals

This is my own disturbing idea. I swear I wasn’t searching for this, but the other day I came across a photographer who did photos of famous killers’ last meals. I’m a big fan of odd dinner party themes, like this Disney one where we ate Bambi’s mom for our main course, so of course this got in my head. You can go through and find weird ones, like the guy who ate an olive, or do your standard prison steak and eggs or fried chicken. If you’re here for Halloween ideas, you might want to incorporate something like this into a  dark Halloween dinner party.

Murder Cake
bloody cake
It’s red velvet inside, if you’re wondering.

Making a bloody murder cake is actually pretty easy. There’s a million versions on Pinterest and I suggest you peruse them to find something better than mine, but basically it’s just a white cake with red gel on it. Boom, done. If you’re not inviting children or actual killers, perhaps you leave a knife in it. Or, you know, order a fake knife. Of course, if you don’t want to do your own, there are many amazing cakes out there. Why not order up something special from your local bakery? Here’s an image search to get you started.

Halloween Foods

You’ve seen people go all out for Halloween, right? You know, food shaped like eyeballs or fingers or whatever gross things they can come up with. Those are all fine murderino party ideas. I don’t have any specifics that you absolutely have to do, but here’s a slideshow of what I’m talking about. Just remember, the more cannibalistic you want to be, the more you body parts you should include.


Crime Scene Tape & Silhouette
crime scene tape decoration
No, there is not furniture in this room. Cut me some slack, we’ve only lived here a year and half.

The classic murder party decor is, of course, caution tape and a body outline. I like this because it’s super easy to do and requires no explanation to non-murderinos. Yes, I realize my example is a tiny misformed human and the tape looks crazy, but my helpers are toddlers. What do you want from me? For the record, this caution tape was great. It’s super thick and there’s SO MUCH!!

Conspiracy Theory Wall
conspiracy wall
I basically played Mad Libs to come up with my captions.

Ah, the conspiracy theory wall. Everyone’s favorite meme! Of course, it doesn’t have to be a conspiracy theory. It can be a legitimate detective set-up. But, it’s still fun to have a big heap of maps, pictures, and strings. I threw the one pictured together with the help of Food and Wine magazine and an atlas in twenty minutes, so it does not have to be a big deal. I may have to do a more elaborate one though… this was far too much fun for me.

Blood, Blood Everywhere!

I actually am not a fan of this. For a true crime buff, I’m sincerely uninterested in blood. But, bloody decor is super easy to DIY, so it can’t be discounted. Grab some blankets or plastic and red paint, then flick away. If you get a roll of plastic tablecloths you can easily do your whole wall. You can also be lazy and just order a bunch of bloody stuff online. For example, my best friend legitimately uses this shower curtain in her downstairs bathroom. Like, all the time. Sure, she makes weird life choices, but you can learn from her for parties.


You’ve all played Clue, right? Sure you have. I’m working on a bigger idea for this, but you know there’s six potential murder weapons lying around in a big house. You don’t have to pick those weapons, but if you leave (fake) weapons lying around in plain sight, that’s just good, not-at-all-wholesome fun. Plus you can play the game later to test your detective skills.

Stuff in Walls
stuff in walls decoration
I’m a scrapbooker, so yes, I do just have this much construction paper lying around, but you can pick up individual sheets at any craft store.

This is absolutely a podcast thing, so if you’re just having a regular true crime party this might not fit. Otherwise, make yourself a fake wall out of construction paper and wah-lah! A fun, creative decoration that really doesn’t require much clean up. My favorite. Haven’t heard of people finding stuff in walls before? Here’s a horrifying list to fill you in.

sinkhole decoration
Yes, someone fell down there, but don’t worry, I’ll get them out.

Like stuff in walls, this is basically just a bit of construction paper. I added some caution tape and a sign too, plus a little “Help” speech bubble, because why not? Wondering what that’s all about? It’s a podcast thing, but as an east Tennessee resident who actually has to worry about this, sinkholes are TERRIFYING.

Murderino Party Games

Guess the Last Words

Famous last words are kind of like famous last meals in that they’re fascinating and terrible. Hey, non true-crime fans, I’m not suggesting worshipping these people. It’s just a morbid trivia game. Now, this doesn’t actually exist in a printable game form as far as I can tell, but I will do my best to get one whipped up before Halloween this year. Until then, here’s an article that will help you make your own.

Blind Man’s Bluff (with crime twist)

This is the game where you stick a card with a name on your forehead and ask people questions to guess who’s written there. To give it a true crime twist, you can use serial killer trading cards or have everyone write down a big, well known crime event. The more famous the better, because you want non-murderinos to be able to play. Cults like Jonestown are good, OJ Simpson, Jon Benet, the Lindbergh baby, you know, things on magazine covers for decades. Then guess away.

Karen or Georgia

One of the best parts of the MFM community is their love of the funny things the podcasters say. Why not try to match up the quotes with their original speaker? This is another one I can’t find, so I went ahead and typed one up. If you’re interested, use this link to subscribe to my newsletter and it will come right to your email!

Word Games

I assume if you peruse Etsy there are plenty of these, but I like this party bundle of Murderino party games. It’s your standard party word game bundle, except instead of regular scattergories, it’s murder scattergories and stuff like that. Good times!

Costume Competition

There are so many ways you can go with this. Since I’ve titled this as murderino party ideas, let’s start there. There’s obviously Karen, Georgia, or Steven, but they also have plenty of guests and very odd characters to dress up as (looking at you, Swiss Cheese pervert).  Other true crime podcast hosts would also make sense, if you can figure out what they look like. Now, if you are into true crime but not podcasts, you can be as creepy as you want, or as vague and generic as you want. I personally like the idea of everyone dressing as a grizzled detective. And then, of course, if you’re just here for Halloween ideas, why not force upon your guests a bloody theme?

Mystery Dinner

Yes, the standard murder party. Go ahead and order a standard dinner party game to make it easy on yourself. Not into that one? Try this website for a more DIY style. I do have a confession about the mystery dinner… I’ve never done one. Isn’t that a shame? It’s on my list.

Miscellaneous Murderino Party Ideas

Book Swap

Perhaps you want to read My Sweet Audrina, but more likely you want to read I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. Either way, have a book swap so you can all go home and get your true crime on after the murderino party is over. If you are an Ebook reader, you might want to check out used book stores. There are some great selections there, plus they’re cheap.

Hire a Clown

This is 110% the creepiest of my murderino party ideas, isn’t it? Ick. Don’t do it. Okay, go ahead. You know all your true crime buddies will be so delightfully freaked out, plus the non-murderinos will think of It and still be scared.

Ransom Note Invitations

Once upon a time, ransom note invitations would have been cumbersome. Today, we have the internet. A quick google search found me these, but I also found instructions for how to do it in Photoshop if you’re a creative type.

Donate to Charities

Any good murderino knows to donate to a charity to help bring justice to the world! I would never tell anyone how to spend their money, but the podcast always mentions End the Backlog  and there’s plenty of options for both criminal justice reform and victims of violence. Well, that’s it for my murderino party ideas. I hope some of these will suit you and you have a great party!


These murderino party ideas are great for true crime fans and Halloween hostesses in need of a scary party theme! #halloween #murderino #themeparty #partyideasThis true crime theme party will entertain murderinos and even fits the bill for a Halloween party! #murderino #truecrime #Halloweenparty #partyideas #themeparty

A theme party for true crime fans! Murderinos will understand these ideas better than anyone, but they're also good for a scary Halloween party. #themepartyideas #party #truecrime #murderino #halloweenpartyMurderino parties ideas can be both funny and scary. Invite your true crime friends for a theme party or pick and choose for Halloween ideas! #murderino #truecrime #partyideas #themeparty #halloween #halloweenparty

murder cake
crime scene party collage

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  1. These are brilliant party ideas for Halloween! I love the ideas of a book swap and donating to charities to promote social justice. You are so creative! Keep it up! 😉

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Thanks! No matter what your theme is, it never hurts to make a donation!

  2. This looks scary, and like fun! I would probably be more interested in attending a party like this than hosting one – this looks like a lot of work!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      You can always pick and choose which ones to do… Believe me, I would never do all 20 at once! Lol

  3. Priyadarshini Rajendran says:

    Wow, I am a crime fiction fan, not much into true crime. But these ideas are incredible. Especially the ransom note invitations. I also like the murder cake 😛

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Crime fiction certainly has some parallels with true crime! And they’re both fun for Halloween. 🙂

  4. I have NEVER been to a murder mystery but you’re really making me want to change that. Also maing me think I could actually plan this myself 😉

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      You definitely could! The internet makes murder mystery parties so easy these days, doesn’t it?

  5. I love this! Now i want to host a party just so I can use your ideas.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I hope you do! Enjoy your Halloween!

  6. Oh wow, I didn’t even know this was a thing! But it sounds like a cool idea for Halloween, something different from the standard spooky themed stuff.

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