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Sunbasket Food Delivery Service Review: Worth it?

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You’ve probably read a Sunbasket food delivery service review before. I know I’m not a major player in this atmosphere. But, I decided to write up my own review  for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve been using them for months now, and I have no intentions of stopping. The other reason is I actually tried Hello Fresh first… and I hated it. It felt like too much money, the food wasn’t that good, and the amount of waste kind of bummed me out. What does that have to do with Sunbasket? Well, basically I love not having to plan my meals, and I wanted people to know that just because you tried one service doesn’t mean they’re all the same.

Warning: This is a positive Sunbasket food delivery service review. I know sometimes when I hate things I look around for negative reviews just to confirm my suspicions, so I’m sorry to disappoint you, haters! I do want to make something clear though: we pay around $80/week for three meals. If that’s not in your budget, friends, you can stop right here. Now, if it is in your budget, let me tell you why this is my preferred food delivery service.

Sunbasket Food Delivery Service Review

The Good

1. It’s Healthy

I came across this service not because I wanted a food delivery service, but because I was looking for Mediterranean diet ideas. Seriously. I’d ditched Hello Fresh months prior and wasn’t looking for a replacement, but I wanted to get my family eating healthier. Now, you don’t have to be into Mediterranean. They have other options. They’re still mostly healthy though, and they label which kind of diet (Paleo, vegan, gluten-free, etc.) each meal falls under. Nice and easy to follow your dietary guidelines.

2. It’s Yummy

For the sake of health, I was willing to forgo taste. I figured these recipes would be no different than the other ones I’ve tried. Which, by the way, have you ever tried the prepared meals from grocery stores? Is it just me or are those terrible? Anyway, this is a Sunbasket food delivery service review, not a commentary on groceries, so let me get back on track. We do usually choose Mediterranean meals. That was the point of signing up. They are especially tasty, and we’ve been eating a lot more fish and chicken and much less beef this way. We have tried other choices though, and they’re not bad. I would look elsewhere if you want a heavy Mexican influence. Those weren’t the best. Vegetarians should love this though – the ingredients are fresh and in season.

3. It’s Environmentally Friendly

food delivery service box

Okay, I’m not positive how environmentally friendly any meal delivery service is, but Sunbasket has to be one of the best. I’ve written about trying to be a green hostess before, but that was just a blip. I actually do a lot of research on the subject, and even though some days it feels hopeless, there’s so many things we can do to at least try and be good environmentalists. What I’m saying is, buy the metal straws already. Hopefully your husband doesn’t do a monologue about not being a hippie every time you use them, but if he does, I can attest you’ll get used to it. Anyway, real quick, two major environmental problems with food: 1. Waste. 2. Lamb & Beef.

I linked articles if you want to keep reading up on that since you’re here for a Sunbasket food delivery service review and not a science lesson. But, Sunbasket does take on those issues. We have very little food waste with these meals. That was not the case with our original delivery service. It seemed they were always sending extra garlic, too much vinegar, etc., etc. Now, I can’t make my husband eat every vegetable on his plate, but between us and the kids we usually eat it all. As for lamb and beef, they do offer a lot of it on the menu, but there are also a lot of vegetarian and vegan choices, which makes it super easy for us to accomplish our Meatless Monday goals (albeit on Tuesdays). Also, their packaging is more recyclable than others.

4. It Saves Time

Sunbasket menu prep green soup

This particular bonus is the same for all food delivery services, I assume. Maybe some meals take longer to cook than others, but you know what it really saves time doing? Thinking! Making constant decisions is exhausting. I can’t make my brain figure out healthy meals. I don’t want to guess how many vegetables I need to buy for dinner. It is so so so nice not having to worry about what I’m feeding my family. Worried you don’t know how to cook and it will take you forever? If you can read, you can cook these meals. Just be careful using a knife. 🙂 Plus, they recently came out with quick dinners, like less than 20 minutes quick, and that has been great for when the kids are cranky.

The Bad

1. The Price

Like I said, it’s kind of high. But, you can occasionally get discounts from your credit cards – be sure to check your monthly offers regardless of who you use. Also, to make your first week easier, you can use my affiliate code. It’ll save both of us money, and who doesn’t want that? After that, you can refer your friends and get a discount too.  Sunbasket doesn’t show up on any lists of the cheapest delivery services, but I’m cool with paying more for quality. Plus, we go out to eat a lot less now, so it’s probably a wash.

2. Canceling

Okay, so this one I can’t even prove. I’ve been using Sunbasket for months and not considered canceling. But, I have read that it’s difficult to do and requires a phone call, whereas most of the other companies let you do it online. You can skip deliveries though, so don’t worry about getting stuck with meals on vacation. Or, you can donate them or gift them. That’s kind of cool, right?

I hope this review has been helpful for you. I have honestly loved Sunbasket so far. Don’t forget to use my affiliate code if you’re going to give it a try – there’s no point in paying more than you have to! I’m also working on a little list of stuff you need for any meal delivery service company. I’m halfway done right now, so expect an update in, oh, seven to twelve years. What, you thought I was the always-timely hostess? Get out of here. 🙂

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