If you're in need of some random decorating, try this Rock and Roll President's Day theme. And if not, have a good laugh. #presidentsday #holidays #rockandroll #decorations #doordecorating #presidentsdaydecorations #rockandrolldecorations
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Rock and Roll President’s Day Decorating

A rock and roll President’s Day? Really? Why? I have no idea, people! If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a giant nerd. I’ve included history in my Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter posts, just to name the ones I can think of off the top of my head. You may be impressed to learn that I can recite all the US President AND vice presidents in order. The whole idea of democracy just fascinates me, and even though I may believe we’re currently living in the prequel to Idiocracy, I love reading about our founding fathers and the shenanigans they got into. So, when I had to enter a holiday-themed door-decorating contest a five years ago, I submitted the sole President’s Day entry.

Even though I’m framing it as a DIY, I doubt you’ll have the opportunity to use this. But, to be honest, tax season just jumped into high gear and I’m super busy at work, so I don’t have time for much else.  If you don’t need it, I hope you stick around long enough to read the album titles. They’re good for a laugh if nothing else. Also, if you’re wondering, I used this on a Shiprocked cruise. If you are a fan of rock music, it’s a super fun experience. The fact that it took place on a cruise should hopefully make you understand why the pictures are so crappy. I wasn’t prepared to publish this five years ago. We sadly didn’t win – but we did get honorable mention! I think we would have done better if they’d judged the first day, as everything had fallen off by the end.

Rock and Roll President’s Day Decorations

Skeleton Band decorations
These presidents really know how to rock, even without legs.

Make A Skeleton Band

You’ll need a few pieces of poster board and felt. I don’t remember how I drew this, but I suspect I free-handed it looking at a picture online because that’s how I usually draw. Here’s a Google search for you.  You’ll notice my skeletons don’t have rib bones. They didn’t need them because they wore band t-shirts. You really only need to draw the skeleton shape once, then trace the others. I also didn’t have legs since there wasn’t room on the door, but if you are doing more than a door, knock yourself out.

When drawing your skeleton faces, you have to add in a couple of identifying presidential features. I made a felt top hat for Honest Abe, a fancy felt wig for Washington, and a couple of items for Teddy. Feel free to do whichever ones you want, but remember that President’s day is often called Washington’s birthday, so I would include him. We did have a couple of t-shirts for them, but that is up to you. No need to buy new shirts for this.

Add Some Instruments & Background

Not much too this. Draw a couple instruments on your poster board and cut them out. I realize not everyone is comfortable drawing, but if you really can’t do it, you can always print something out and trace it. Since we were in a door decorating contest, we used red paper and an American flag as our background. I printed out some lettering for President’s Day and then traced it onto the color paper I wanted. Nothing complicated.

Have Fun Making Presidential Albums

Presidential CD covers
Sorry about the blur – but you get the Bay of Pigs one, right?

This is my favorite part! To add a little fun to the whole Rock and Roll President’s Day concept, I had to make some albums based on the presidents’ accomplishments or scandals. I came up with the names, then found pictures online that looked like they could be album covers, added my titles, and printed them out. This was back before I’d thrown out all my CDs, but I think CD covers still exist. You put the images in the cases and there you go. What fun! Here are my titles in case you can’t read them:

Andrew Jackson – Trail of Tears
JFK  – Bay of Pigs
The We Like Ikes – The Space Race
Bush – Weapons of Mass Destruction
The Reagan Years – Tear This Wall Down
The Roosevelts – Amendment Twenty-One
Bill Clinton’s Sexual Relations
James Madison – Burn Down the White House
The Founding Fathers* self-titled
The Founding Fathers – Freedom
Teddy Roosevelt – Bull Moose Party
The Prohibitioners *self-titled
Dick Nixon – Not a Crook

I’d give you links to them images, but I don’t own them and I don’t have time, so I have to wish you luck instead. Hopefully this amused you even if you never have a reason to execute it! Happy Rock and Roll President’s Day!

If you're in need of some random decorating, try this rock and roll President's Day theme. And if not, have a good laugh. #presidentsday #holidays #rockandroll #decorations #doordecorating #presidentsdaydecorations #rockandrolldecorationsIf you're in need of some random decorating, try this rock and roll President's Day theme. And if not, have a good laugh. #presidentsday #holidays #rockandroll #decorations #doordecorating #presidentsdaydecorations #rockandrolldecorationsIf you're in need of some random decorating, try this rock and roll President's Day theme. And if not, have a good laugh. #presidentsday #holidays #rockandroll #decorations #doordecorating #presidentsdaydecorations #rockandrolldecorations

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  1. reesa says:

    This is really cool! What a fun way to celebrate President’s Day, something different!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Yeah, I know I didn’t do this for President’s Day, but I figured it’d be fun in a classroom or something.

  2. First of all, I am totally impressed that you can recite all the presidents and vice presidents in order. WOW! And I love this whole thing. I am all about including music in any celebration. Your door display is awesome!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Lol, it’s a skill that has absolutely no practical value.

  3. This sounds like fun. Great way to teach the children about the presidents history. And then music this completes everything. Great job!

  4. Umm yeah I am impressed to learn that you can recite all the US President and vice presidents in order! I don’t think this nerdy- I think this is a fun out of the box idea! Too cool!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I’m learning all the Super Bowl winners too, so Alex Trebek doesn’t yell at me when I go on Jeopardy. ­čÖé

  5. This is such a creative way to decorate for Presidents day! I was just helping my kids classroom decorate, and they had cute ideas but nothing this fun and different!

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