Baby's first shoe Christmas ornament - an easy DIY Christmas craft that will be preserve memories of your baby's first Christmas. #christmas #ornaments #christmasornaments #diy #crafts #firstchristmas
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Baby’s First Shoe Christmas Ornament

This baby’s first shoe Christmas ornament is super easy to make, and it’s also a really fun keepsake. In my head I like to pretend I’m a great crafty mother who has a unique Christmas ornament for every year of my kids’ lives. but we’re only on Christmases 4 and 2, and so far I’ve …

Squash salad with quinoa and feta

Recipe for Squash Salad with Quinoa and Feta

I know I’m late in the season for a squash salad recipe, but so what? We’ve all convinced ourselves “in season” is irrelevant anyway. Have I ever mentioned I lived in Spain for a summer before? Well, I did. I always remember my college Spanish professor telling us Americans were crazy because we buy the …

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Let’s Make a Plan! – Financial Advice for the Millennial Generation

Millennials have the strongest entrepreneurial mindset, and that’s not a surprise with how easy it is to start your own business nowadays. In a recent survey implemented by Bentley University, 67% of millennials said their goals involve starting their own business, rather than climbing the corporate ladder to become a CEO. With this lifestyle comes …