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My Best Party Pinterest Boards

Hey there! Are you following my best party Pinterest boards yet? Well, you should be, because although I often forget about social media, I rock at finding awesome ideas on Pinterest. Not to toot my own horn, but oohing and aahing at other people’s fantastic work is something I really excel at. Here’s my Pinterest profile for you to follow for all the other goodies I find, and without further ado, here’s my five best party Pinterest boards.

Bridal Showers

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Weddings are a huge Pinterest favorite, of course, but people really love this board. My most popular article, a budgeting guide for maid of honors, is featured here, plus a ton of other great ideas from all over the web. Bridesmaids should definitely check it out.

Easy Party Decorations

A favorite with moms looking to make birthday parties easier. This board contains a combination of DIY party decorations and easy themes to shop for. It’s one of my go-to’s if I have to decorate something myself.

Fancy Party Decor

Yep, people love fancy party decorations just as much as they love easy ones. Sometimes there’s even overlap! Actually, if you just buy a whole bunch of ready-made fancy decorations, I suppose that’d be all overlap. Ah, well. That’s not the point. If you’re throwing a more upscale party, check out this board.

Bachelorette Parties

As a three-time maid of honor, this is an area in which I excel. I’ve thrown them at Disneyland, in Las Vegas, and even the wildest of all locations – a house. So, if you are looking for how to amaze your bride, have a looksy here.

Party Games

I collect all the best party games in one board to make entertaining easy. You’d be surprised at how many games are out there – I mean, seriously, Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey and Monopoly are so last century.

Bonus: Group Best Party Pinterest Board

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I have two group boards, so if you are also a blogger and would like to join, feel free to email me. Not a blogger but you want to be? Here’s where to start. Regardless of your blogging status, one of my board gets way more action than any other board I have, and I think I know why. It makes life easy!

Party Decor

Well, gee, Beth, why do you have so many board just about party decorations? Trust me, when you peruse Pinterest as much as I do, you need to break them down. This particular board does so well because it takes literally all the work out of things – these pins lead directly to products or printables, so you don’t have to wonder where to find things. If you want to get the things you see without going on an internet hunt, this is the best party Pinterest board for you!

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