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A Mexican Inspired Brunch Menu

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I’ve been wanting to write about a Mexican inspired brunch menu for awhile. I love brunch. Seriously, if someone wants to see me on a Sunday, I’m going to suggest brunch. Occasionally I even cook it myself. Me being who I am, when I do host brunch, it has to have a theme. I can’t just throw breakfast and lunch food on the table all willy nilly. Now, when I say Mexican inspired brunch menu, I want to be clear about something. I do not mean Mexican dishes. No, this menu is really just typical American food wearing tortillas. It’s still delicious though, so bear with me.

This is not the first time I’ve done this particular theme, but I did change up the recipes so we didn’t get bored. I actually was hosting a brunch, so my food is not really photography pretty, but that’s what real food looks like. Who needs every plate to look fabulous? Crazy people and professional chefs, that’s who. I also have a little secret I need to tell you all… I don’t follow recipes very well, unless they’re baking. In fact, the only one I followed in this Mexican inspired brunch menu is the muffins, and even those I got a little crazy with at the end. Mostly I just look at pictures and do what I want. I’ll tell you what I did, but I recommend just doing whatever tastes good.

Mexican Inspired Brunch Menu

The Egg Dish

I might do a different theme for every brunch, but I follow the same basic rules every time. You have to have an egg dish, so for this meal I chose sausage taquitos. You can see a recipe here or here. I didn’t read either, but they looked pretty. What I did was cook up some eggs with a little bit of salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, and cayenne. Then I put the eggs on a tortilla, followed by cheese, and then a sausage link. I rolled them up and threw them in the oven for 15 minutes. That’s it. I was going to put in green peppers too, but chopping stuff, ick. That would require chopping. Another option: breakfast burritos. My only reasoning for making taquitos instead of burritos is so I didn’t have to roll them.  Who has time for that?

The Meat Dish

Next up is the meat dish. I saw these barbecue pork nachos on Pinterest and they looked amazing, so I had to try them. And I did… several years ago. This time I just cooked up some pork and whipped up a little queso blanco, then fried an egg on top. The rest would have been too time consuming. I did get a chance to use a pretty awesome gadget though. My crockpot broke about a month ago and I hemmed and hawed about what I wanted to replace it with. Then on Amazon Prime Day the Instant Pot went on sale. I snagged it since it had 19,000 mostly amazing reviews. I wasn’t sure I would need a pressure cooker, but it was awesome, and everyone should have one.  Anyway, I didn’t even season the meat. Yes, I was being that lazy.

The Sweet/Fruit Dish

I actually made two different dishes for this, but they were really the same thing. We had a blueberry quesadilla and a strawberry one. You can see actual recipes here and here, but all I did was slather some tortillas in cream cheese and then throw in the fruit and fry it up in a pan. Actually, I also sprinkled sugar on the strawberries so it would seem like I put in a little effort. They were pretty tasty though, I was a little surprised. As you can see, my Mexican inspired brunch menu had really left Mexican cooking behind by that point, but who cares? The last time I did this theme we had apple pie taquitos, which are honestly delicious, but also a ton of work.

Bonus Dish – Bread

So, I don’t make it a big deal to have bread at brunch, but I think that might be because I always have bread anyway. But, in this situation there was no bread since everything was some sort of tortilla dish. To remedy that, my sister helped me make the most amazing churro mini-muffins. I do follow the rules when I’m baking, so my only difference here was the very end. Instead of separating sugar and butter to make it all pretty, we mixed it up and dumped it on top. So much faster, and seriously addictive. Thanks for the recipe, Flavor Mosaic!

Drink Ideas

We didn’t serve drinks this go round since I’m nursing and my sister is pregnant.  Yes, I’m aware there are drinks without alcohol in them.  That doesn’t mean I care to serve them! Plus everyone else would have put alcohol in them anyway, and who wants to see that? The first time I followed a Mexican inspired brunch menu, I served tequila sunrises. They were too strong for me on a Sunday morning, but you could try them if you want. I also saw this and this, and I think they’d be perfectly acceptable and easy enough. Well, I hope this menu helps you have your own “Mexican” brunch. Enjoy!

A Mexican-inspired brunch menu is a fun theme. #brunch

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  1. robin rue says:

    A brunch with Mexican foods sounds wonderful. It’s not what I typically think of when I think of brunch and I Love this idea. Can’t wait to try it.

  2. Kansas Bonanno says:

    Oh my goodness this looks amazing. Note to self do not look at super yummy food while hungry at 6 months pregnant.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Lol, I have a three week old daughter, so I know exactly what you’re talking about!

  3. These all look delicious! What a wonderful idea for a brunch menu. I will have to try this out soon

  4. All those choices look so perfect, but they would have to be on the weekend to fully enjoy them. I love those fruit and tortillas as a sweet alternative dessert.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Oh yes, I would never bother with a big meal like this on a weekday. It’d be for just me and my dogs at that point. 🙂

  5. I’m not a fan of mexican food but I still have so much to try! I love the bread!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I swear this is not real Mexican food, but if it’s the tortillas you hate, you can put it all on bagels or toast. 🙂

  6. It looks amazing! I love Mexican food and I think it’s an awesome theme for brunch! What a great idea especially when you’re having family or friends over.

  7. It all looks so delicious- I wouldn’t even know where to start! My husband would especially love the barbecue pork nachos! Thanks

  8. I absolutely love all things mexican food and a brunch inspired by mexican food sounds amazing!! I would be up for all of these!

  9. Oh my goodness, I am a huge mexican food fan. This sounds so amazing!

  10. Looks like an amazing brunch. I am impressed with all the different choices.

  11. I always loved Mexican cuisine but I have to say I have never tried Mexican brunch. Taquitos sound divine mmm x

  12. This is making me so hungry! Everything looks amazing. This may inspire me to cook more.

  13. Great menu, I too love brunch and a Mexican theme sounds so fun!

  14. Mexican food is just unbelievable. I absolutely love it! It is so healthy and full of greens!

  15. That sounds like such a fun brunch – and delicious! I love to host themed parties too – although I struggle with actually keeping everything warm so it can all be served at the same time…someday I will figure that out!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Check your oven manual. The drawer at the bottom can be used to keep stuff warm in some models. If not, you can always put stuff in the microwave! Although, for this particular meal it was pretty easy without any of it. The muffins don’t need to be warm. I didn’t put the taquitos in the oven until the dessert quesadillas were ready to fry, and the cheese sauce was the last thing to go on. It all finished at the close to the same time.

  16. Yum! My grandmother’s homemade tortillas are my most very favorite treat from my childhood. I’d definitely add those to my mexican brunch menu!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Yes, and send some to my house too! 🙂

  17. Oh, yum! I love the mix of dishes here. I always make the mistake of doing all savory or all sweet. The best brunches include some variety. 🙂

  18. Jeanine says:

    Now this is my kind of brunch! Yummy, it all looks so incredible. Would love to do this, i know my family would appreciate this!

  19. WOW this looks so delicious! I want to try it all. The meat looks so juicy too!

  20. reesa says:

    What a delicious and fun twist on the traditional brunch menu! Everything looks and sounds so lovely!

  21. Oh my, this menu looks fantastic. It all just looks so tasty. This is one brunch I would love to attend.

  22. I have never had a Mexican brunch before, but it sounds delicious! I’ll definitely have to try something like this sometime.

  23. That brunch looks amazing! I’m coming to eat at your house. I love the bread a the end. It looks delicious!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Come on over! We ate all the bread and it was delicious, so you might have to battle us for that. 🙂

  24. Those muffins looks amazing! Well everything looks delicious, but I have a soft spot for carbs these days! I also really want mexican now, perhaps I will have mexican brunch for dinner!

  25. Omg can we say yum?!?! So much deliciousness!!!! I love brunch and I love Mexican food, so this is the perfect combo!

  26. I love your list. I normally go to brunch for the bottomless drinks because I like to cook my own eggs. But the meat dish looks delicious.

  27. I mean, I’m at Brunch for the drinks but that bread looks delicious!

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