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March Madness Party Bracket Ideas

March Madness party bracket ideas can be absolutely ridiculous, and in fact, I think they should. I may not look like a huge basketball fan, but my dad had two girls, and it was forced upon us. I mean, he’s such a huge basketball fan that once we saw Phil Ford in line at Universal Studios and he and my aunt got so giddy everyone else started getting concerned… Because no one else knew who Phil Ford was.

Anyway, just because I get into basketball doesn’t mean I think everyone gets into basketball. In fact, I know they don’t. So, while the real fans fill out their real brackets, you can also offer some funny ones to entertain the rest of your party-goers. You may have seen examples of these on the internet or TV, and it’s pretty easy to copy yourself. Let me show you how.

A Guide to March Madness Party Bracket Ideas

5 Kinds of Brackets

basketball bracket

Basketball Related Brackets

This is the easiest to do because you can already find the info online. Ever heard someone say they fill out their bracket based on color? Yeah. This is the one for them. Hand out brackets where people pick by the color of teams instead of their names. Or, you could choose by mascots (although this gets intense). Both are fun. If you want to get really into research, you could find facts out about the schools, like most famous alumni or tallest player, and bracket those.

Personal Story Brackets

I got this idea from How I Met Your Mother. Their version is about treating women terribly, so don’t do that, but you can have your party-goers offer up their funniest/saddest/scariest true story and put them into brackets. I know most people aren’t going to have 64 people at their party, so either start with a smaller bracket or get your guests to offer several choices.

Snack/Drink Brackets

If you’re like me, occasionally you struggle trying to decide what to cook for your buds. Well, let them decide. You can do both snacks and drinks, or one or the other. Or, you could have them narrow down takeout or something like that. The gist is, it’s a vote on everyone’s favorite food for the party. Although, pro-tip, I would focus on the Elite 8 or Final 4 to make sure everyone is happy.

Things You’d Rather be Watching Brackets

This is especially fun if the bulk of you don’t enjoy basketball. Perhaps your spouse is forcing you to host a party to root on his/her alma mater, but no one else cares. In this case, provide a bracket of things you’d rather watch. You can make them pleasant, like movies, but I think it’s funnier to do terrible things. You know, water boiling, C-Span, Michael Jordan playing baseball. Then you can all have a terrible laugh at the end.

Worst Theme Party Brackets

Theme parties are relevant to March Madness party bracket ideas because, technically, March Madness IS a theme. You can come up with these on your own, or get suggestions from your guests. I’ve always wanted to have a favorite dictator party, if you need one to start with. ­čÖé

How to Make Brackets

Well, this is easy. I made them for you. They’re blank, so they’re good for any year and any theme you want. There’s a PDF if you want to print it and fill out, but if you can’t write that small I’ve included Excel too. If you want to add doodles or whatever, knock yourself out – and then email me a picture!

When To Give Brackets

This depends, but once you’ve decided which March Madness party bracket ideas to use, you should go ahead and get the bulk of them prepared. For example, if you decide to do a snack/drink bracket, you’ll want to get the winners before the party. I suggest sending those as invitations. If you want to put people on the spot for personal stories, you can do them at the party. I suggest if you request more than two stories per person, do it beforehand. Then you can use a big white board to eliminate stories.

Finally, if you aren’t satisfied with only brackets to entertain your guests why not try a homemade sports book? I made this for the Super Bowl, but you can get the idea. Have fun and go Wolfpack!

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