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How to Make a Potty Training Party Cake

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I’ll be honest, I don’t need a potty training party cake right now.  My son likes to tell me his toys are pooping and put them in his potty, but heaven forbid he sit on it himself. But, my best friend’s daughter recently potty trained, so of course they had to celebrate. When she was looking for cake ideas, she couldn’t find what she wanted, so she created one herself. I, being the good friend I am, saw the picture and immediately decided to steal it for the blog. Her response? Let me know how it does on Pinterest. Lol. So, people, pin away!

Now, my friend called her party a “panty party,” and the cake she did is for girls. For some reason she didn’t take pictures of the entire process (what a slacker, right?), so I had to make my own. Since my son’s older than my daughter, I figured it made sense to do one for boys. I’ll just leave the potty training party cake on my counter until he potty trains in a few months or so and then we’ll eat it. Kidding, you guys.  We’ll eat it all in one sitting like healthy people. This looks like it’s going to be pretty complicated, but it actually isn’t. The secret? Cupcakes and a willingness to be a little messy. It’s called a pull-apart cake, which I’ve never heard of before, but is apparently a thing.

Instructions for Making a Potty Training Party Cake

How to make a potty training party cake
The perfect cake for a panty party.

What You Need

24 unfrosted cupcakes in wrappers
2 batches buttercream icing (the thicker the better here – I like this recipe)
Food coloring
Fondant & Edible Spray Color (optional)
Other cake decorating items, like candies or ready made decorating icing (optional)

What to Do

No, I did not mean to have two types of cupcakes. My dog enjoyed 11 chocolate ones so I had to make more (he’s fine).
First frost. Is anyone else reminded of Mrs. Doubtfire?
Second round. So much frosting! The kids will love it.
  1. After you’ve baked your cupcakes (it is totally acceptable that they come out of a box), it’s time to set them up. First prepare a surface for  your cake. It needs to be quite big, so you might have to make one out of cardboard. I used my pizza pan. Cover it with aluminum foil. This is where the cupcakes will go.
  2.  Start with 2 rows of 6 cupcakes, then a row of 5, then 4, then 3, then 2. You may have less at the end depending on how big the tops of your cupcakes are.
  3. Push the cupcakes as close together as possible. This will help prevent frosting falling through the holes, although it’s probably going to fall through at least a little. That’s why you covered your cake tray in foil. 🙂
  4.  Smear your first batch of buttercream frosting all over those cupcakes. Have fun with it, no one’s going to see this part! In fact, this frosting doesn’t even have to be colored. You might still have some gaps in frosting here but that’s fine; just make sure they’re not too big.
  5. Put the cupcakes in the fridge to chill the frosting for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Decide what colors you want your underwear. I’m lazy and decided to opt with white for the main part, but my friend used a couple of colors for hers.
  7. Once your cupcakes have chilled, get them back out and frost all of them again with your main color. There should be no gaps this time.
  8. Add your lines. You can do this with cake decorating tips, or you can do it the real frenzied way and draw them with tube frosting. Start the top of the underwear line under the second row of 6 and the bottom of the line above the row of 2.
  9. Decorate however you see fit. The girl’s potty training party cake has stars made of fondant and colored by edible spray. I can’t tell you how to do that as I would never be bothered to use fondant, but I’m sure there are 8 million tutorials online.
  10. Put it back in the fridge until it’s time to eat. Serving is easy – just pull off a cupcake! I would note that they come off a lot cleaner if you let the cake sit out a bit beforehand. If you do it when they’re still cold the frosting will break in weird places.
Making some lines (don’t mind my terrible attempt at stars).
First we had a panty cake, now we have a tighty whitey cake.
A little mess when you pull apart, but that’s alright. Toddlers don’t judge your cake skills.

Bonus Decoration Idea

I may have mentioned over and over again that I hate decorating, but I have an idea for this one that won’t take much time. Besides balloons (because every kid party really does need balloons), why not string some underwear up and hang it someplace? It’s the same basic concept that these baby showers use with baby clothes. Just get yourself a couple packs of underwear, which you’re going to need anyway unless you’re also making this potty training party cake for giggles, and either hang them on a string or clothespin them right side up. Alright, moms and dads! Go convince your kids to use the potty so they can get this awesome cake!

A potty training party is the perfect way to celebrate your little one. #kidparty

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  1. oh my goodness this is so cute! I never thought to make one before but I can totally see my son getting excited about potty training if there was a cake! We are ready to train our 2 year old an hoping this will help!

  2. Haha, this is underwear design is very cute and cool! I would not mind creating like this on any kid’s party. I think it is so easy!

  3. What an adorable idea! I would totally be down with celebrating potty training success with this!

  4. What a great idea for a cake and so creative. I will try and make one for my new nephew and niece who will be training soon.

  5. This is such a great idea! I love that you’ve shaped it with cupcakes – that is so clever and a very appropriate cake to celebrate potty training with!

  6. This is awesome! It’s a great way to celebrate potty training especially since it’s a long journey for the kids and the parents. Totally loving the cupcake idea instead of a whole cake!

  7. Brittany says:

    These are such a cute idea! We’re about to potty train our oldest and I think he’d love to celebrate like this!!

  8. I never thought of making a potty training cake when the kids were potty training. It’s a great idea though! And I love how you decorated it!

  9. What a fun idea! I will have to remember this for when we start to potty train my son. My daughter was so easy, that I fear my son will be my terror lol

  10. Such a inspired and fun way to celebrate potty training. Maybe the cake can used to convince kids going to the potty is a sweet idea.

  11. Jennifer Seigler l Life of a Southern Mom says:

    Awesome idea, and such a cute cake too. My kids did not give me a hard time with potty training. I will share this idea with my friend who has a son that is just about ready to potty train.

  12. Krystle Cook says:

    This is such a cute idea. Anything to get kids excited about using the potty is so fun.

  13. Robin Rue says:

    I have never seen a cake made like this before. This would be so much fun!

  14. This is a great idea! Training kids to go potty is so hard, but definitely a big party when it is done!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Yeah, a party for the parents because the diaper expense is gone! The cake just tricks the kids into thinking it’s for them. Lol

  15. So cute! We are about to begin that adventure with #3. Time to potty party!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I’m about to start with #1. Ah! Good luck to both of us!

  16. Oh my goodness, what a cute cake! And also such a clever idea! I’ve never seen something like this before – love it XD

  17. This is a great idea! I wouldn’t mind doing a potty training party as long as the child gets to do the job and besides that, when he/she is done they get to eat cake which I know would surely be exciting for them.

  18. This is such a cute idea! I have never heard of doing this before, but potty training needs celebrating! And pull-apart cakes are something I’ve not seen either, but it’s a great idea for a party.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I had never heard of any of this either – I thought you just said good job and went about your day. Lol

  19. reesa says:

    How adorable is this!!! Potty training is a great thing to celebrate! I love how you used cupcakes!

  20. This is such a creative idea for a cake! I think my cousin would want to make it for when her daughter finishes potty training.

  21. Katherine says:

    Where just about to begin with my youngest and I think this will be great motivation.

  22. I have never thought of this, but what a sweet way to celebrate! My middle child is finished with potty training, but I have more potty training days down the road with my youngest.

  23. That design is hilarious! My daughter will NOT go poopy on the potty. She can but she WON’T. I’ll let her eat every cupcake in that diaper if she just poops in the toilet OMG

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Lol, that sounds like my friend’s daughter. I think that’s why she went to the trouble of making this cake!

  24. This is such a cute cake idea! Shoot I wish I had a potty training cake when I was a kid! What a great idea.

  25. Yum those looks delicious and what a good idea! My little cousin is on the journey right now.

  26. This is ridiculously adorable lol! We’re just starting to practice getting in the habit of sitting on the potty (my son just turned one), and one of his potty time sings mentions getting cake lol. I’m definitely pinning this for the day he is successfully potty trained! 😆

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    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Wow, you guys are starting early! Good luck, and I hope you get to use this cake soon!

  27. that’s such a cool cake! never seen anything like it.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Thanks! It was my first pull apart cake experience too, but now I love them!

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