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How to Make Easy 4th of July Table Decorations

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First, let me say if you want really easy 4th of July table decorations, go buy out the Dollar Store’s patriotic section. It’s there, trust me.  I do acknowledge that pre-made things already exist. But, like I talked about last week with simple red, white and blue foods, sometimes you want to participate in all the crafting fun the world has to offer. In this case, we’re going to go red, white and blue again, but instead of using twenty-five million tiny American flags, we’re going to look at the fastest ways to get junk on your table and make people think you’re creative.

The first rule of easy 4th of July table decorations is to keep it really simple. Why are you decorating your table at all? Probably because it’s going to have food on it, right? That, or you’ll be eating on it. Either way, if you cover the entire thing with decorations, you’re going to run out of room. I love looking at those beautiful tables from professional party planners, but they’re always so crowded. We don’t need a whole garden or miniature Revolutionary Battle field to feel festive. The second rule? Don’t stress too much. My Easter brunch table took me literally five minutes, without thinking, and it got lots of compliments. Sometimes I think busy people get graded on a curve, and I am totally okay with that.

Ideas for Easy 4th of July Table Decorations

The Tablecloth

Real frenzied hostesses don’t care about smoothing it out. 🙂

I’m not really a fan of the flag tablecloths, if I’m being honest. Too busy. You can probably find really nice reusable ones with less busy patterns, and maybe I’ll add that to my future goals, but right now my toddler likes to sit on the table and make a mess after everyone leaves. I’d rather throw said mess away. So, to start your easy 4th of July table decorations, you might as well start with some plastic tablecloths. That’s right, plural. Instead of picking one color and running with it, grab yourself one red, one white, and one blue. This will add a little patriotic splash without going overboard, and then you can use only one color of plates and silverware (or all patriotic ones) without feeling like you’re missing something.

The only issue here might be positioning. In theory, you should be fine to spread the three colors out evenly. That’s the easiest way, of course, and it’ll give you a nice balanced look. But, it is going to look a little like France’s flag if you go with blue, white, red. Okay, not a little. It’s going to look exactly like France’s flag. If your friends no nothing about foreign countries, that won’t matter. If they’re the type to call you out on it, you can point out France was our ally during the Revolutionary War. Or, you could simply put the colors in a different order. You can see from the picture that I did the red and white horizontally and the blue vertically. It took zero extra work. If you’re worried about overhang, just don’t unfold them all the way. Even easier.


Fanciest flower arrangement ever, probably.

If I had time and energy, I would scour supermarket flowers until I found red, white and blue bouquets. That might be easy when it’s actually the 4th of July, I don’t know. I’ve never tried it before. I can tell you it’s definitely not easy in the beginning of June. You don’t necessarily need to get only red, white and blue. I mean, you can get a few different bouquets and pull out the ones you want, or just use colors that are close. Red is going to be easy. It’s the other two that are the problem.  There are probably plenty of blue and white flowers at a florist, but I can’t be bothered to go to a florist.

Luckily, there is always another option for flowers. That is, of course, fake flowers. Fake, fake, fake. I don’t even try looking for ones that seem realistic. They’re easy 4th of July tablecloth decorations, not your wedding centerpieces. You can buy a set of white, a set of blue, and a set of red, or you can find those specially made patriotic bunches. Then stuff them in a vase. You don’t need anything in the vase, even if it’s clear glass. But, if you’re scared of people seeing the fake stems, I’ve got one more idea for you.

Red, White and Blue Anything

No need to buy frosted glass vases when you have a paper bag to the rescue!

Great idea, am I right?  You can go to the dollar store and buy some of those balloon weights. They’re fancy. You can get yourself a cupcake stand and put the patriotic cupcakes you made in there, then stand it up like the beautiful centerpiece it deserves to be. Got some red, white and blue socks lying around? Get really crazy (and a little unsanitary) and throw those on there too. Who cares? What’s really important is what food you’re putting on the table, not what you’re decorating it with.

For the record, I don’t actually recommend socks as your easy 4th of July table decorations. I’m going with paper bags, no joke. They’re the kind I’m sure less busy people turn into luminaries or something, but they’ll just be hanging out on my table… with vases of fake flowers in them. Simple, right? It hides the fakeness of the stems while adding a little festiveness. You could also put the bags by themselves, or line them up. I tried all those ideas, but you are going to have to excuse my photography this week. I’m getting ready for maternity leave, so I’m extra swamped right now. I had about five minutes to get good shots, and it turns out I couldn’t do it. But hey, I could get the stuff on the table, so now you know they really are easy 4th of July table decorations.

Final Thoughts

You can wave your flag inside if you want – but please don’t serve food on it.

I know I’m a very busy person, but even if you’re not, don’t feel like you have to design a party people will talk about for years. Let’s face it, the only way you’re going to pull that off is if someone accidentally sets himself on fire. While that is pretty common, it shouldn’t be our goal. Out of my 31 4th of July holidays, I can only remember the decor from one of them, and that is because it was the first time I hosted the barbecue myself.  That doesn’t mean it’s not fun to make a party look good. It just means you don’t have to stress about it. And finally, if you only have time for one decoration, skip the whole table and wave your American flag. Yes, of course they’re available on Amazon.  Plus, it comes with a bonus: You can use it all year!

Easy 4th of July Table Decorations can be both cheap and fast. #FourthofJuly

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  1. Love the red white and blue flowers!

  2. PARTY CITY has me taken car of for sure! 😉

  3. These are some good tips! It really doesn’t need to require a lot of time or money to decorate for the holidays.

  4. robin rue says:

    We are having people over for a cookout on the 4th, so I need to get busy with decorations. Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. These are geat tips! I don’t celebrate the 4th of July coz I am not living in or from the US but my country also has a blue, white and red flag so same color scheme! xx corinne

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      There are so many countries with red, white and blue flags. I guess those are the good colors. 🙂

  6. These are great ideas! I didn’t know what to do for our 4th party, but these are great ideas.

  7. What great ideas! We’ll be at a family reunion for the 4th so I’ll pass this tips along.

  8. These are some great ideas. Love the flower arrangement and I might have to steal this from you! With a my family coming over, they will definitely love it!

  9. Simple, inexpensive ideas. And so adorable! Trying this for our picnic.

  10. Christine says:

    Great easy decoration ideas! They follow the usual colors for the event.

  11. kristy says:

    We are very patriotic…love these simple decorations that would be inexpensive and fun to put together. I made my kids red white and blue sensory bottles and rice bin this memorial day 🙂

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      How fun!

  12. How creative and easy to make! Looks like a great craft to make with your kids!

  13. I’m usually not good at decorating, but this looks simple enough even for me! The flowers are very pretty.

  14. Shannon Harris says:

    Wow this is amazing! Looking forward to hosting my first 4th of July party since moving to Texas and love the layout you’ve presented.

  15. To be honest, the fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I think it’s because there wasn’t as much acrimony in the family during that time and just trying to enjoy ones self. Thanks for all of the great decorations Ideas here. I know my daughter would love them.

  16. I love to celebrate national holidays. In fact, my relatives are visiting me during the 4th of July this year. I would love to host a BBQ with some decorations for fun.

  17. Megan says:

    The 4th of July is so fun when we get to be super festive. I love using foods of the same colors!

  18. These are awesome decorations, simple but beautiful. We shouldn’t put too much pressure on ourselves when it comes to decorating. There will always be simple solutions like this one!

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  20. See this? Just goes to show that less is more sometimes. You can have a fun and fabulous party decorations without overdoing it. Great job.
    Katja xxx

  21. Cute ideas! I really love the paper bags with the flowers in them. That looks really cute!

  22. Elizabeth O says:

    Red, white and blue are such wonderful color combinations. They brighten a space and get us party ready. I love the flowers in the vase.

  23. You make it sound so easy! What a great idea for 4h of July!

  24. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are all great tips for making easy 4th of July table decorations. I love the idea of using the three different table clothes in red, white, and blue. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  25. Jo Anna says:

    Such cute ideas, I really like the flowers and center pieces. This 4th of July my family is going to make a huge bbq and celebrate so I will keep these ideas in mind. Thanks!!

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