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How to Make DIY Name Signs for Nursery

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When I was looking for DIY name signs for nursery rooms, I found an image on Pinterest that I loved, but it didn’t link to any instructions. I made it anyway, so I figured it’d be nice of me to share how I did it. It’s not that it’s hard and you can’t figure it out; it just saves you from thinking. People like me who have no time to do anything always appreciate cutting out a step, you know? I did one for both my daughter’s Harry Potter nursery as well as my son’s Star Wars room so you can see a couple of examples. Let’s get to it.

DIY Name Signs for Nursery Instructions


8″ x 36″ Balsa Wood (they don’t have it online, but Hobby Lobby carries them in store)
Measuring Tape
Printer/Printer Paper
Paint (2-3 colors)
Mirror Clips (for hanging)


1. Paint the Background Color

Both of mine are white, but you can get crazy. This part is super easy. Just get painting so it can dry while you do the rest. I used interior wall paint, by the way.

2. Pick a Font

For me, this was a little troublesome because I wanted specific movie fonts and I didn’t want to pay for them. If you’re not doing a character theme, it really doesn’t matter what font you use. If you do want to use a movie font, try Fontspace. Just go in and type your movie name, then download the one you want. It’s very easy to install a font on your computer and bonus – you get to keep it for future projects!

3. Draw & Paint a 1.25-inch Border

Here comes the measuring tape! Hopefully your paint dried while you were font surfing. Go ahead and plot a 1.25-inch border at various points on the sign, then use a pencil to connect those dots and make the border into a line. Paint it your second color. For this I used wall paint on my son’s and regular acrylics on my daughter’s, but I totally recommend the wall paint.

4. Print your Child’s Name

This may take a little doing. I nailed my son’s name the first time; it’s short and easy, so I guess that’s not surprising. For my daughter, though, those double Os really messed with me! I had to resize it several times. If your child has a really long name, you might want to try and fit two letters to one piece of printer paper, but otherwise there should only be one letter per paper.

5. Trace & Paint the Name

The worst part is here! Once you finally get your letter sized correctly, you’re going to have to cut them out as close as you can. Then tape them down exactly the way you want them and trace with your pencil. Time to paint! I did the Star Wars border and letters in the same color, but for Harry Potter I switched it up. That wasn’t my initial plan, if you’re wondering. I just couldn’t fit the letters totally inside the border.

6. Add Design if wanted.

My husband would have preferred I left these DIY name signs for nursery completely dull, two colors, and that’s it. I didn’t want that though, so I gave the letters a little shadow. I added a splash on my son’s but not my daughter’s. You can do whatever you want. If you’re wondering how to hang them, I use mirror clips since they’re clear and don’t require attaching anything to the wood. So easy!

Nursery decor is fun to DIY. I made these name signs for both my kids theme nurseries. #diynamesign #DIY #crafts #nursery #decor #decoratingDIY name sign craft tutorial. I use this for my Star Wars nursery and Harry Potter nursery, but you could do it any font you want! #diy #crafts #nursery #nurserydecor #signsDIY nursery name signs are easy to make, even for theme nurseries like Harry Potter and Star Wars. All you need is wood, paint, and a printer! #diy #crafts #nursery #diynursery

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  1. These look awesome! I love getting creative, especially after a trip to Hobby Lobby.

  2. what a wonderful DIY project. I must share this is a fellow mom who just had a baby and loves DIY projects.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Thanks, I hope she likes it!

  3. Oh, how cute! I love homemade design, and those would be so great in any child’s bedroom!

  4. I specially love the starwars type font! I was wondering what the basic board looks like unpainted?

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      It looks like wood. Lol. It’s a pretty light color, not too many knots or anything. I forgot to take a picture, but here’s a website selling balsa wood:

  5. Erica Schwarz says:

    This is a cute idea, and I would have never thought to print letters and do it myself! I love the little bit of white highlight on those red letters.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Thanks! My husband hates it. He’s so boring.

  6. What a creative idea! I will definitely be making a sign for my daughter’s room. I love DIY craft projects because you are able to personalize and make them unique!

  7. How awesome! I never would have thought to make my own but that David one is really cool!

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