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What to Know about Blogging Time Commitments

Thinking about starting a blog? Then you probably need to know something about blogging time commitments. Look, I’m no expert on blogging, I’ll be honest about that. But I have perfected the art of not having time to do anything, so you can trust me when I tell you a blog can rule your life if you let it. So, before we get into that, you may be wondering why I’m writing about blogging at all. Let me tell you all a little something about my daily life. Once a day someone says to me, “You’ve got your hands full,” especially when I’m walking my two dogs, wearing my daughter, and pushing my son in his stroller. Once a week, someone asks, “How do you get anything done?” I decided it’s time to write about it.

When someone asks me how I get anything done, I usually tell them it’s easy, I’m a bad mom and a bad employee. Poor quality takes no time at all! They laugh, and then they say, “It’s sleep, right? You don’t sleep?” Yes. They are correct. Sleep is for the weak. And the healthy. Anyway, after that they want actual detailed advice, usually in email form, so I decided to add a weekly post to the blog that discusses things like how I hate schedules. If you’re here for entertaining posts only, Saturdays will still be for you. Fellow busy moms, work-from-homers, and bloggers, Mondays are the day to see how I manage to do it all and only partially lose my mind. So, let’s get to it!

Blogging Time Commitments (for monetized blogs)

Blogging is fun, but if you want to monetize it can consume you. So, how much time do you have? #blogging #time #planning #newbloggers

1. Writing Blog Posts – 30 minutes per post

Real fast, I am only discussing blogging time commitments for monetized blogs. If you aren’t trying to make money, or at least doing what I do and daydreaming about trying to make money without really trying, you aren’t going to be doing half of this. You’ll just be writing to your heart’s content, I assume. On with it. You know what’s the easiest part of blogging? Writing the posts. Think about it. It’s typically 300-1000 words about something you WANT to write about, not a term paper you’re trying to avoid. Not exactly time consuming. Of course, how many you want to write is up to you. I know some people will be faster or slower depending on typing and whether or not they grammar good, but as long as you know what you want to write it should be easy.

2. Photos – 20 minutes with stock photos, eternity if you take them yourself

Eternity might be a slight exaggeration. Just a slight one though, taking pictures is exhausting. First of all, half of them suck, and secondly even the good ones need to be edited. Granted, I’m not a photographer, but I would think actual photographers take even longer. They would need to put up their best work, whereas mine just has to be usable. Looking up stock photos usually goes really quick, but only if you know what you want before you start. If you don’t, I suggest taking some time while you’re cooking dinner or something and visualizing it. Then you’ll know the keywords to look up. PS – these are all stock photos. Eight minutes.

3. Social Media – At least 30 minutes a day

Blogging is fun, but if you want to monetize it can consume you. So, how much time do you have? #blogging #time #planning #newbloggers

Unless you’ve hired a virtual assistant to do this for you, you will have to handle your own marketing for your blog. This is my least favorite of the blogging time commitments. Before I started blogging I had a Facebook I checked once a week, and now I use hashtags with ease. Now, I know thirty minutes a day probably sounds like a lot to new bloggers, and like a joke to pros, but let’s just assume you’ll want to check your Twitter or Instagram once a day. Perhaps you’ll want to join in on some Facebook group threads, or schedule a week of posts. The thirty minutes isn’t a firm number, but it is firm that if you ever think you’re going to make money, you can’t skip social media. You just can’t. So, plan to spend time on it, whether you like it or not.

4. Research – Varies

What will you be researching? I have no idea. But I can tell you you’ll be researching something. Perhaps it’s SEO, or how to set up a business Pinterest account, or what the heck is a linkup party. Maybe you need to do a research heavy blog post, like I did with parties for pay. You could see the coolest thing ever on someone else’s blog and become obsessed with figuring out how to do it. Or, heaven forbid, you might have a technical problem. Basically, you can assume that one of your widest varying blogging time commitments is going to be research, if you want to have a cool, functioning website that people actually want to visit.

5. Pinterest – Double what you do anyway

Blogging is fun, but if you want to monetize it can consume you. So, how much time do you have? #blogging #time #planning #newbloggers

No, Pinterest is not social media. It’s a search engine. You don’t post pictures of your kids there, do you? Comment on your friends’ vacation pictures? Nope. It’s Google, but with pictures. You’ll probably read over and over that Pinterest is going to bring you most of your traffic, and it’s true. Unless you are a SEO genius, you’ll wind up on Pinterest eventually. Now, Pinterest is pretty saturated in the US, so there’s a good chance you use it personally anyway. Double the time you spend on it daily because you’re going to need to make your own pins as well as find others. Yes, there are ways to speed up your Pinterest usage with schedulers, but you won’t be at the set it and forget it part for a while.

6. Other – Whatever you’re willing

I have to confess something. My blog is monetized, and I have written one sponsored post, but that post came to me and I would be on Amazon anyway so I joined their affiliate program. I have no idea how much time it would take to really go after the money, because I don’t have time for it. I also only look at Google Analytics for about five minutes once a week, which I know is really stupid, but guys, I have another job and my boss is the worst (I’m self-employed). Plus there’s those little kids I’m supposed to be responsible for. Any better bloggers than me reading this? Comment with how much time this stuff takes you.

You should know that your blogging time commitments will only grow once you get into it. That is, if you enjoy doing it. You’ll start coming up with new and terrible ways to let it take up your time. If you’re good at it, it could eventually take you forty hours a week! That’s like a full-time job! Ah! But it is fun to do, and FYI, this 1100 word post just took me 28 minutes. I’m outta here!

Blogging is fun, but if you want to monetize it can consume you. So, how many blogging time commitments can you make? #blogging #time #planning #newbloggers

Blogging is fun, but if you want to monetize it can consume you. So, how many blogging time commitments can you make? #blogging #time #planning #newbloggers

Blogging is fun, but if you want to monetize it can consume you. So, how many blogging time commitments can you make? #blogging #time #planning #newbloggers

Blogging is fun, but if you want to monetize it can consume you. So, how many blogging time commitments can you make? #blogging #time #planning #newbloggers

Blogging is fun, but if you want to monetize it can consume you. So, how many blogging time commitments can you make? #blogging #time #planning #newbloggers

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  1. I honestly feel like working in social media is a 24/7 job! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, this guide is a great help!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      You are right, it totally can be. If I didn’t have another job, I could totally see myself getting sucked in to social media every waking minute. Yikes!

  2. I am retired from my first profession, and now full time at the higher ed level. I get to work from home but I find that I spend a good 15 hours a week, most on social media. If I can find a way to shorten this, I grab it.

  3. This is such a great post. I’m trying to make the leap into monetizing my blog in 2018, and I’m glad to see that most of the time constraints you mentioned in this post match up with what I’m doing already!

  4. Jeanine Macintosh says:

    I too often find myself crunched for time or forgetting that I’ve already double booked! Great advice.

  5. It often feels like eternity with pictures! I have a food blog, and take at least 80 pictures for each recipe. Then it takes FOREVER to go through them all and find the best ones

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I can imagine! Food pictures are so difficult anyway. But you do have to take your own for recipes, otherwise it’s not your recipe and people won’t know why theirs look so weird.

  6. These are great tips! I really have to buckle down and decide what I’m going to do for the day blog-wise because it is a never-ending job…fortunately one that I love!

    And, your “boss is the worst” really made me smile. A sense of humor is a wonderful thing.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I keep an automated to-do list even for things like Facebook threads so I never have to think. That saves a little time!

  7. Cat says:

    I easily spend 2 hours a day on social media networking and responding to messages/comments for my blog! It is a time commitment and a half–you just have to love it and find passion for it ūüėÄ

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Social media can definitely consume you. I’m pretty good about scheduling response time though, so I’m not constantly checking everything and getting distracted.

  8. There is SO much that goes into just one post – totally agree! Let alone, the social media pushes and the constant engagement! This blogging gig is way more than full-time and you really gotta love it to stick with it!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      For sure! I go through periods where I just want to stop because it’s so time consuming, but I like doing it, so I keep on keeping on.

  9. It’s definitely challenging budgeting time as a blogger, but it doesn’t feel like work to me, so the time flies! I agree about the photos! Those definitely take me the longest!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      That’s great! As long as you’re having fun, it’s much easier to handle the time commitment.

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