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How to Make an Easy DIY Baby Mobile

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (North Carolina) I made my son an easy DIY baby mobile to complement his Star Wars nursery. A little while later, in a much closer location (this very house), I made one for my daughter in her Hermione Granger nursery. Today, I’m sharing step-by-step instructions with you.

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Instructions for an Easy DIY Baby Mobile


generic mobile frame


4 plush toys ~4 inches



sewing needle


The Base

If you want to leave the base of your easy DIY baby mobile naked, by all means, be my guest. That will certainly make it easier. But, I liked giving mine a little pizzazz. Since I have theme nurseries, I used Harry Potter/Star Wars fabric, but you can use literally any fabric and you only need a tiny strip. Then, it’s scrunchie time!

easy diy baby mobile, cutting fabric
As you can see, I’m a very precise cutter.

Step 1

Cut the fabric a few inches longer than the smallest piece of the mobile base. It needs to be wide enough to go around the base, but not much wider. I sense that some of you really want me to give you measurements, but you don’t need them. It’s all getting smushed together anyway.

Step 2

Make a cylinder with your fabric, back side facing out. Sew a really lose stitch up the back. Before you tie it off, pull the thread tight so that the fabric bunches up. Then tie it off and flip it rightside out.

Step 3

Put the fabric around the base to your desired level of scrunchiness. If you need to tighten it on top or bottom it should just take a stitch, but I never bothered. Instead I squished the top in between the base and the arm of the mobile and clicked it into place. Eventually the baby will mess with it and it will slide, but by then who cares?

The Arm

Okay, did you find your plushies? I like Hallmark’s Itty Bitty if you’re doing themes, but if not, you can pick up a zillion animals through Oriental Trading or something. Ready now? Great!

easy diy baby mobile, Harry Potter character
A note about ribbons: They don’t have to be even, but get them kind of close.

Step 1

This depends a little bit on your toys, but the goal is the same – attach a ribbon to the top of your toy. The ones I found for Harry Potter actually had chains on top, so I just took those off and tied a knot around their loop. The ones for Star Wars required sewing. It’s still easy though – just do a couple of swoops through the toy over the ribbon. I recommend using the sharpest needle you have for this, as it will be a thicker material than your average fabric.

Step 2

Push your ribbon through the holes in the hanging part of the mobile. It’s easiest to do this using a needle. Just stab the ribbon and push it on up.

Too bad I was never a boy scout.

Step 3

Start tying knots. Yep, a whole bunch of knots over the top of the mobile hole . Just keep going until you can yank on the toy without the ribbon coming back out. Try to keep the ribbon a few inches long, but not so long the baby bumps into them the second they can pull up.

If you want your characters to hang evenly (you could stagger if you wanted), you should attempt your knot tying while the mobile is in place. Do animals on opposite sides together to make sure one doesn’t weigh a lot more than the other. If you have a real weight imbalance, follow the next step.

Dobby, who realistically weighed much less than his human friends.

Step 4 (Optional)

If you were smart and not hard-headed, you probably got similarly-weighted toys. If you were like me and determined to have a Dobby across from a Harry, you might need this. Dobby flew high up in the air compared to him so I had to add some weight. I sewed a penny into his shirt to get him hanging correctly. Ron’s big head also outweighed Hermione, so I just put a few black hair ties around her waist. You can do anything similar, just remember to secure small pieces so baby can’t pull them down.

That’s it, go put your easy DIY baby mobile all together, if it isn’t already. Trim up any hanging ribbons and you’re done. I know the baby’s going to love it!

Home décor diy projects for new parents have to include some nursery ideas! You can easily make a character mobile for a boy or girl with any theme nursery instead of overpaying for a fancy one. #nurseryideas #babymobile #diy #diyproject #babynursery #baby
Can’t find a good character mobile for your theme nursery? Make your own diy baby mobile! This is easy DIY nursery décor, you just have to find your characters. #nurseryideas #babymobile #diy #diyproject #babynursery #baby
This diy project is for a diy baby mobile girl or diy baby mobile boy. You can use any nursery theme, just find yourself some characters and follow these instructions to add fabulous, easy, diy nursery décor! #nurseryideas #babymobile #diy #diyproject #babynursery #baby
Can’t find a good character mobile for your theme nursery? Make your own diy baby mobile! This is easy DIY nursery décor, you just have to find your characters. #nurseryideas #babymobile #diy #diyproject #babynursery #baby

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