Harry Potter nurseries are fun, but not that girly. Try these Hermione Granger nursery ideas for a girl to get the magic and the sparkle! #harrypotter #nursery #nurserydecor #nurseryideas #themenursery #hermione
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Hermione Granger Nursery Ideas

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If you’re having a girl and you want her to enjoy Harry Potter, perhaps you’ll enjoy these Hermione Granger nursery ideas. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away (North Carolina), I decided to make my son a Star Wars nursery. When I got pregnant with number two, I wanted him/her to be just as much of a nerd, so I figured if it was another boy I’d go Star Trek and if it was a girl I’d do Harry Potter. There’s lots of awesome women in Harry Potter, right? Well, honestly, I wish I’d done the Star Wars room for my daughter because it was actually super difficult to make Harry Potter girly! So, it’s a lot of DIY and a real deep look into Hermione’s life. Let’s go to it, shall we?

Harry Potter nursery


DIY Hermione Granger Nursery Ideas

Yule Ball Paint Color & Sparkle Wall

periwinkle colored nursery
Periwinkle. Blue? Purple? No one knows.

When I first decided I wanted to a Harry Potter nursery, everyone told me no. They said the colors would be too dark. I don’t disagree, really. I didn’t want a deep scarlet room, or the gray of a castle, or the black of their robes. But, it’s a magical world. There’s eight million colors to choose from, so I picked periwinkle. Why? Well, Hermione chooses periwinkle robes for the Yule Ball, and that ball’s kind of a big deal for her and Ron. Since my son got a fancy border on his wall, I decided to add a little sparkle to my periwinkle. It’s really light so it’s hard to photograph, but I wanted something that could be painted over and didn’t require a ton of extra effort. Simply mix your sparkles in a clear paint and paint over your base color after it dries.

clear protector paint and sparklessparkle wall

Hogwarts Art & Hermione Print-Outs

Hogwarts paintingHermione Granger quotes

I probably would have abandoned my Hermione Granger nursery ideas right away if I hadn’t found this painting on Amazon.  It’s currently unavailable, but I linked it in case you wanted to find something like it. It fit my color scheme perfectly, plus it’s a pretty cool Hogwarts rendition. Obviously I didn’t make it myself. However, I did make the other framed wall art. I did a little work in Gimp (the free version of Photoshop) to come up with these. I would love to offer them to you too, but I don’t know how copyright laws work for quotes, so I am going to hold off on that for now. It actually didn’t take much time. It took me longer to pick the quotes I wanted, honestly. The frames are dollar store.

Gryffindor Pillow & Patronus Blanket

Gryffindor Pillow

If you decide to come up with your own Hermione Granger nursery ideas, let me tell you, you will start grasping for any little detail about her.  You might not need as many little items as I did, but I wanted to be able to compare her decor to my son’s, and he had a fun Star Wars print pillow and a fringe fleece blanket, so she needed them too. I chose the Gryffindor print because Harry doesn’t own Gryffindor.  The blanket was a lot more difficult. I could not find a Harry Potter fleece that matched my colors for the life of me. So, I did a little reading and remembered Hermione had an otter Patronus. So, I traced an otter shape off the computer, cut it out and then sewed it on. I used basic fleece  blanket directions for the rest. I used gray to go with the theme and purple because I was hoping it’d match (it’s a little off) and it’s also Hermione’s favorite color according to Google.

otter fleece blanket

Character Mobile on Gray Crib

Harry Potter mobile

It took me the first six months of my daughter’s life to decide what to put on her mobile. Honestly. The fabric part was done months before that. I considered animals Hermione liked, the Hogwarts houses, pygmy puffs, and just about everything else. Eventually I settled on my original idea, the characters themselves. I’ll do a tutorial on how to make the mobile somewhere down the line. Until then, let’s chat about Hermione’s love life. Why does everyone think she should be with Harry? Do you really think she’d have been able to excel to the highest position in magic as the wife of the most famous wizard ever? I’m not saying it’s fair, but Oprah runs this world and Hillary does not. Also, I didn’t make the crib, but if you like the color combo, here’s the chair, crib, and dresser we chose. 

Crookshanks Rug

diy cat rug

I did a tutorial on this a few weeks back, but now you know why it came to be in the first place. My son had a wampa rug, so my daughter had to get an animal rug too. I decided on Crookshanks since he’s her cat, fuzzy, and just good fun. I know he’s supposed to be orange, but I refused to add one more color to that room, so brown he remains.

SPEW & Name Sign

name sign

One little addition to the nursery that I like but non-Harry Potter fans don’t get is my S.P.E.W. sign. If you’ll remember, Hermione had a thing about freeing house-elves, who most definitely do not want to be freed. I thought it’d be a fun little play to make a hat holder with the spew sign. Using the same colors, I also made her a name sign just like her brother’s. These signs are both super easy. Here’s a tutorial for the name sign. As for S.P.E.W, it’s just a $1.50 balsa wood cutout from Hobby Lobby painted with clothespins superglued to it. Twenty minute project, tops. I found the hats on Ebay.

The Most Important Hermione Granger Nursery Ideas: THE LIBRARY!!

nursery bookshelf

Can we all admit something about Harry Potter? He’d be dead without Hermione and her love of reading. So dead. I had to get a full bookcase for this nursery not only to promote all Hermione’s library excursions, but also because all those storage bins from Target are actually full of books. Seriously. My mom saved all my books growing up so we have a ton of reading options. Anyway, the storage was the easy part. So on to the rest… Hermione herself is guarding the top. My mom made her out of this doll and some Hermione doll clothes. On the next level, I made four potions from Hobby Lobby glass. One is bath salt with blue coloring, two are colored water, and one is a paint mixture. The mushrooms and unicorn are mine from childhood. Hooray recycling! Down below I made a sign in Canva and put it in a Dollar Tree frame.

potion making setup with unicorn

All the books were picked up from a used bookstore. Then I used sticker paper and printed out a few homemade book covers. It was pretty easy to cut the stickers to the right size and just slap them on the books. I did add a deathly hallows sign in marker to one because I did all this work and figured I might as well get really crazy. The monster book of monsters is just some fake fur superglued to a book. Then I markered some teeth and added a felt belt. I’ve seen monster books for sale, but they’re too scary for a baby. This one is just fun.


Well, hopefully all these Hermione Granger nursery ideas inspired you! It was fun coming up with everything, but I’d love to see what everyone else can do.

Harry Potter nurseries are fun, but not that girly. Try these Hermione Granger nursery ideas for a girl to keep the magic but add a little sparkle! #harrypotter #nursery #nurserydecor #nurseryideas #themenursery #hermioneHarry Potter nurseries are fun, but not that girly. Try these Hermione Granger nursery ideas for a girl to keep the magic but add a little sparkle! #harrypotter #nursery #nurserydecor #nurseryideas #themenursery #hermioneHarry Potter nurseries are fun, but not that girly. Try these Hermione Granger nursery ideas for a girl to keep the magic but add a little sparkle! #harrypotter #nursery #nurserydecor #nurseryideas #themenursery #hermione

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  1. These are great Harry Potter ideas! My son & daughter are huge fans. Although they are 19 and 16 years old now (too old to decorate their room), they still loved it when we went to Harry Potter World in Orlando this past Christmas! They were little kids all over again!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      That’s great! Theme parks turn everyone into a little kid I think. 🙂

  2. Out of everything you have here in this post, I actually love the color on the wall on the most! I happen to find it very calming and soothing, while still being a nice pop of color!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Thank you! My husband and I went rounds on this one, but I won eventually.

  3. I am not a mom yet but I can see how much it takes to be one. These are some great nursery ideas.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Enjoy your time (and sleep) without them, they will exhaust you if you have them. 🙂

  4. Daisy says:

    Omg I LOVE this nursery idea!!!Super adorable and OMG I love anything HP!!!!!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Thank you!

  5. Elizabeth O says:

    Oh what a lovely idea, I really like how you’ve done this room, it is perfect for a little Witch to enjoy while they wait for that all important Hogwarts letter 😛

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Thank you! I’m afraid her brother might be more likely to get the letter – he certainly knows how to make things disappear!

  6. i love all the small details you put into it! like that mobile- love it!

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