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The Only Halloween Decoration You Need

The only Halloween decoration you need is fake cobwebs. There. I said it. You don’t have to read the rest of this, all your decorating problems should be solved. Still here? Great! Let me explain. In general, I’m not big on decorations. I don’t even get carried away for my kids’ birthdaysBut, when it comes to Halloween or Christmas, I love the nonsense. That doesn’t, however, mean I suddenly get tons of extra hours to spend on decorating. My husband will help with Christmas, but he’s not a Halloween fan, so anything I do I do on my own. That’s where cobwebs come in.

To be clear, while I think cobwebs are the only Halloween decoration you need, I’m not against other decorations supplementing it. But if you only have the time or budget for one thing, go with them. For one thing, they’re super cheap (Affiliate link incoming – I could get paid if you click on it. More info here). You can get 200 sq ft on Amazon for $5, and I’m sure they’re at the dollar store if you can find the time to get over there. For another, they’re good for any type of Halloween party. Halloween dinner party? Check. Little kid party/decorations for trick-or-treaters? Check. Spooky party for adults? Yup. College party? Also yes. So, you see what I mean. You can buy a big bag and throw eight different parties without redecorating. But, they can get time consuming if you let them, so I have a few helpful hints for you.

Tips for the Only Halloween Decoration You Need

1. Cut them up first.

This is simple enough. Instead of trying to figure how much you need for each spot, or spending too much time trying to figure out how to rip them apart, just cut your big block of webs into pieces. Then you know right away how much you’re working with for each spot and when you run out you shrug and move on. The only exception here is outdoors – if you’re doing your porch/bushes/whatever, it’s fine to go crazy and use the whole thing. They’ll stretch from place to place. Before you cut, stretch the webs out and see which way they’re running and cut with them, not against them.

Cutting vertical gives plenty of room to cut; cutting horizontal not so much.

2. Use the spiders.

I know the spiders are stupid. But if you find yourself with a big chunk of spiderweb you don’t like, throw a spider on it and stop worrying about perfection. Done. In the following pictures you will see that I draped a cut up chunk of web over my chair. I didn’t stretch it out at all other than to pull it from one side to the other. Then I put a spider on the thickest part, and it looks fine. That’s going to clean up real nice too – I’ll just lift it off and throw it away.

3. Start at the top.

Say you’re doing a dinner party. Do you have chandelier above your table? Start there. If not, try the backs of chairs. Having a party in your living room? If you can reach the fan, go for it. If not, how about a fireplace mantle or the tops of windows? Drag a chair or a step stool over and go crazy. It can be really tempting to do cobwebs everywhere, but people tend to notice things up high before they look down, so why waste time on the coffee table? Starting up also means that when you get to the bottom you don’t have to tape or pin any parts of the spiderwebs.

Draping over the top of the stairs, no tape required to start.
When you’re done you can let the spiderwebs hang at the bottom. Still no tape, no hassle, no one cares.

That’s pretty much it. Seriously, you guys, the only Halloween decoration you need is fake cobwebs. Yes, you’ll have to throw them out when you’re done, but then you don’t even have to worry about storage. How nice! Want to see the idea in action? Check out how I made the cobwebs the star of the show at my dark Halloween dinner party.

The only Halloween decoration you need is cobwebs! #Halloween
Halloween spiderweb decorations
Halloween cobweb decorations

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  1. robin rue says:

    We put these on the bushes in front of our house about 5 years ago and there are STILL remnants of them there to this day LOL 🙂 It’s a great deco, though.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Lol, you must be a much better decorator than me, mine are more likely to blow away!

  2. This is so right!! We love using it all over the house. We create creepy cobwebs on the walls, lamps, and on the light fixture hanging over our dining room table.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Awesome! I love a good, spooky house!

  3. I’m not big on going all out for holiday decorations either, but I’m loving the quick and easy simplicity of these fake cobwebs!

  4. Andrea says:

    I’m gonna send this to my best friend. She adores Halloween and goes all out each year. I’m gonna miss seeing her house all decorated truth be told. She would love this idea.

  5. This stuff is great! I love getting the spiderweb material like this to decorate the house for Halloween. My daughter always has fun helping out with it!

  6. Fake cobwebs are so much fun! And you’re right. You can totally make the house spooky with those alone. It’s great to be able to decorate on a budget.

  7. Kristina says:

    I HATE spiders but love decorating for Halloween and using spider webs! I have a huge web by our front door with glitter spiders all over it!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Glitter spiders? I need to see those!

  8. Kansas Bonanno says:

    What a great idea, getting the most out of your money. I can do this easy and my kids will love it!

  9. It’s always so much fun to decorate for the Halloween! I think this is brilliant and I’m sure the kids will love it. It’s not that difficult to make either.

  10. You are so right!! I don’t use it though and I don’t know why. I love it at everyone else’s house!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      You probably look at the bag and think, “What a stupid decoration, how time consuming.” Lol. That’s what I think about everything!

  11. We used to decorate our workstations for halloween and we used so many fake spider webs – it really is the best halloween decoration in my opinion

  12. I haven’t used this stuff in years. We went a little overboard decorating the first year in our house and our cats ate everything! Yikes!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Oh no! Our dogs luckily haven’t touched it, but I can see how that would be an issue.

  13. This is a perfect and inexpensive decoration that will look good for halloween!

  14. This stuff is awesome! We bought a ton too. It works well everywhere.

  15. I don’t normally decorate for Halloween but I do decorate for Fall as it can go straight through to Thanksgiving.

  16. We love these spider webs and love decorating the outside of our home with them. The boys think that it makes it look so cool. Haha!

  17. This is so simple and looks creepy! I love this idea, although I hate spider webs for real!

  18. reesa says:

    Such a great Halloween decoration! My son is going on a camp out the weekend before halloween and will be decorating their camp site.

  19. Awesome. It is so simple yet it rocks! Haha..And yeah, it is really scary..

  20. My kids LOVE this stuff! Of course they tend to take it a little far when they use it in our home…but it is so much fun 🙂

  21. My favorite part is not having to worry about storing them! That is the #1 con to decorating seasonly and the reason I don’t (besides Christmas). I just don’t want to have to store all this decor to use for a few weeks out of 52.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Yep, that’s my issue too. Last year I realized I was going to have to buy another decoration bin and about threw everything out.

  22. This is great for those who want to decorate but are on a budget. The spider cobwebs are a pretty cool idea!

  23. You are absolutely RIGHT about this fantastic decor for Halloween. I use it everywhere, and it does the trick. Thanks for sharing some additional ideas.

    thrifting diva

  24. Great idea, it’s simple yet already gives the Halloween vibe. With the awesome deal from Amazon, I could decorate even the outside of our house.

  25. I remember decorating with this as a kid! Super fun!! I’m sure my daughters would love this in our home this month.

  26. This is so much fun, but I have never used it. I cannot wait to get my Halloween decorations up!

  27. I remember decorating our house with the fake cobwebs as a kid. It was so much fun and also easy to clean up, which made my parents very happy.

  28. I don’t usually decorate for any holiday except for christmas but I’m starting to get inspired with this simple decor!! I may have to decorate!!

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