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Father’s Day Brunch Ideas

What kind of a dad wants Father’s Day brunch? The kind who appreciate breakfast food, obviously. Also, shift workers like my dad, or any dad who likes barbecue but doesn’t want to work the grill on his special day. Last month, I mentioned that I think it’s weird we don’t do barbecues for Mother’s Day since that what most dads like to cook. Now I’m doubling down and saying Father’s Day brunch should be the new thing!

Food for a Father’s Day Brunch

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bacon egg and cheese biscuit

I love brunch, and if you follow me you’ll know this is not the first time I’ve said so. In general, I try to follow the rule of one egg dish, one meat dish, one sweet dish. That being said, this is a Father’s Day brunch. Unless your dad’s the vegetarian type, I say let’s get meat crazy. No quiches here – manly meals!

Egg Dishes

Meat Dishes

Sweet Dishes


Oh hey, these are all alcoholic choices. If your dad doesn’t drink, I assume you know whether to serve him orange juice or lemonade. ­čÖé

beer flight
  • Breakfast beer – Yes, this is a thing. Go ahead, give them a whole flight.
  • Mimosas – Not just for Mother’s Day anymore.
  • Manmosas – For the Dad who thinks mimosas ARE just for Mother’s Day.
  • Old Fashioned – Because your dad is a gentleman and a scholar.

Decorations for Father’s Day Brunch

Simple is better to me – always, because I don’t have time for eight million DIY printable cutouts. But for Father’s Day, I really say simple is better. You think the dads care about decorations? Men are not the ones on Pinterest, friends.

  • A fun centerpiece – I suggest golf balls in a jar for the sports dad, a top hat for the fancy dad, or anything with booze or bacon for the hungry/thirsty dad.
  • Father’s Day artwork from kids – Here’s a list if they don’t have a regular arts and crafts location.
  • Ties – Forget the streamers. Hang up ties if you’re going to hang up anything. You can buy tie banners and what not, but I say just use their real ties. If they don’t have any ties, why would you be using them as decoration?


golf ball at hole

Don’t forget to provide a little entertainment at your Father’s Day brunch. Perhaps your kids are talented, in which case have them show off. Perhaps they’re hilariously untalented, which can also be fun. But if they’re neither, set up a sports game in the backyard, such as lawn bowling or mini golf (all you need is a club, a ball, and a cup – unless your yard is all rocks, in which case you need a putting green). Then check out this book of dad jokes for some fun stand-up.

That’s it! Time to start your annual Father’s day brunch tradition. Go out there, eat some bacon, and have a good time!

Other Brunch Menu Ideas

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