How to make an easy small octopus pull apart cake. #cake #octopuscake #birthdaycake #babyshower #underseathemeparty #babyshowercake #pullapartcake
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Easy Small Octopus Pull Apart Cake

This is honestly an easy small octopus pull apart cake. I wouldn’t lie to you, friends! I will let you know a little secret though. My mom frosted it. I could have done it in my regular haphazard way, but she made all our cakes growing up and knows how to make stars. Amazing! This idea came to me because of my sister’s baby shower. We had a really small group of people. Well, relatively. Eight people is a lot for a dinner party. It’s not very many for a baby shower. Anyway, there are all these octopus cakes online that look great, but they’re so huge! I definitely didn’t need two box cakes for eight of us. So, I had to resize it. Here’s what we came up with.

Instructions for an Easy Small Octopus Pull Apart Cake

How to make an easy small octopus pull apart cake. #cake #octopuscake #birthdaycake #babyshower #underseathemeparty #babyshowercake #pullapartcake

How to make an easy small octopus pull apart cake. #cake #octopuscake #birthdaycake #babyshower #underseathemeparty #babyshowercake #pullapartcake


1 box of your favorite cake mix
Buttercream frosting
Piping Icing
Food Coloring


  1. Bake your cake. You need 12 cupcakes and one round pan. Split the batter as equally as you can, and keep cupcakes as even as you can.
  2. Make your frosting. I use this recipe, but I recommend not adding milk and making sure it’s non-salted real butter so it doesn’t break down. Also, you’ll have to at least double it.
  3. Set up the octopus the way you want it on a covered space. I use a flat pan with aluminum foil. You will have four legs of three cupcakes each (yes, I’m aware an octopus actually has eight legs, calm down). I liked the legs slightly separated, but maybe your covered space will look better a different way.
  4. Frost the whole thing. It doesn’t have to be colored frosting yet, but make sure  you are getting the frosting to look continuous on each leg up to the head.
  5. Put the cake in a fridge for at least half and hour.
  6. Separate your frosting into one main color and one minor color. Mine are pink and purple for reference on how much you need.
  7. Frost the whole thing again with your main color frosting. This time you will need to smooth it out after you’ve got enough on there to make it look like you only baked one weird shaped cake.
  8. Use a cake bag and pipe some stars in your second color along each leg to act as suction cups.
  9. Put two marshmallows on the circle cake to be eyes. Use your piping icing to add pupils.

That’s it! Your easy small octopus pull apart cake is completed! Seriously, it’s super easy, but if you’re like me and don’t know how to decorate a cake, either use candies for the suctions or don’t use suctions at all. Who cares? It’s your cake. Besides, it’s an octopus that only has four legs, how serious can the situation be?

How to make an easy small octopus pull apart cake. #cake #octopuscake #birthdaycake #babyshower #underseathemeparty #babyshowercake #pullapartcake

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  1. That looks awesome. I would probably have to let Darcee frost it for me cause I would eat all of it before putting it on the octopus!
    Do you think it would have been easier to remove the paper on the cupcake legs first so people can just eat and go. Just thinking about the mess of it all with all that frosting.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I’ve done it both ways and it honestly doesn’t make much of a difference. The key is to let the cake sit out for long enough for the frosting to soften a little and then they break apart a lot better.

  2. Wow, even the small octopus ends up being a pretty big cake! I like these easy directions for someone like me who isn’t very creative (or good with baking)

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I guess it is large space-wise, but it’s only one box. All the others we saw took 24 cupcakes just for the legs. Yikes!

  3. OMG this cake is too cute! I love this concept to make it with cupcakes. So much fun!

  4. Shannon says:

    That is adorable and so creative. I have many friends who would love this for their children. To be honest, I might make this for myself..

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Hey why not? We all need cake every once in awhile. ­čÖé

  5. Shannon says:

    Love this post. I have many friends who would love this for their children. To be honest, I might make this for myself.

  6. This octopus cake is adorable and impressive! I haven’t decorated many cakes before – most of them were quite simple. These directions are great but I might need help from a pro if I decide to create this cake.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      If you don’t do the suction stars on the cake, I’m pretty sure you can do it. I don’t have the patience to learn how to use cake tips, but the rest of it is just basic frosting.

  7. I have wanted to play with a pull apart cake but just haven’t ventured there yet. This is a cutie!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I only found out about them this summer but now I love them. If you find yourself making cupcakes someday, just smush them all together for some practice. Lol

  8. Cat says:

    Such a cute cake idea! It would be cute for any little one’s birthday or even as a cute octopus themed baby shower!

  9. This is such a cute cake! I love that it’s put together with cupcakes.

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