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Easy Mother’s Day Barbecue Ideas

Wondering why I’m going with easy Mother’s Day barbecue ideas instead of the ever-popular Mother’s Day brunch? Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, on a warm spring day, my husband took me to brunch at our favorite French restaurant. Our reservation was at 2:00. Two PM for brunch! We’d already eaten twice by that point. They made brunch into a buffet, and since we were on the tail end, everything was either gross or almost gone.

Unfortunately, this story happens all the time. Every Mother’s Day in fact! Kids and spouses think, well, women love brunch, so that must be the only things we can do to celebrate. This year, try an easy Mother’s Day barbecue instead. Then you can do a Father’s Day brunch. It makes sense really, if the man of the house does the barbecuing. So let’s think about what could make a Mom barbecue awesome.

Mother’s Day Decor

blue checkered tablecloth with orange drink

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I don’t think we need to get crazy, do you? I’m a pretty minimal decorator anyway, minus my sister’s under-the-sea baby shower, and in this case I say follow my lead so there’s less cleanup and no crafting stress. My husband can work a drill fine, but I doubt he can even find the glue gun. While my kids can do a fantastic Jackson Pollock impression, they’re not much with scissors. So, here’s what I suggest (oh, and if money’s tight – here’s a few budget tips).

  1. A tablecloth. Yup. That’s the defining decor. I picture a plastic checkered one, but whatever. If you’re going to get one from the dollar store (totally okay), just make sure it’s smoothed out enough to look nice.
  2. A centerpiece. If the mom you’re planning for likes flowers, put them in a vase and you’re done. Fake flowers are fine as well. If flowers need to be avoided for some reason, try colorful candy, fruit, or beads. Basically anything from the dollar store.
  3. Kids artwork. Not so much it’s overwhelming. A drawing or two from young kids is fine, or whatever craft they do at school. Just make sure it’s displayed. Teenagers are exempt from arts and crafts if that’s not their thing, but perhaps they can supply one or two decorations of their own choosing.

Mother’s Day Food

This is where it’s time to shine! So, my thinking on an easy Mother’s Day barbecue is that men like to barbecue. Not my husband; he actually got laughed at a couple of months ago when our neighbor saw me grilling. But that’s a pretty typical stereotype, right? That’s why a barbecue is a good idea in the first place. Dads get to make food they’re good at and moms don’t have to suffer through experimental cooking. But… oh yeah… side dishes. Desserts. Drinks. What all do you have to do?! I got ya, guys.

Main Courses

These ideas all depend on the mother’s taste and the preparer’s budget, but here’s some ideas. You will notice I don’t have hamburgers and hot dogs here. Why not? It’s a special day, readers. Class it up.

Side Dishes

This is where you’re going to make things pretty. Because, you know, moms like pretty things. They have different versions of pretty, sure, but the basic idea here would be cooking a variety of colorful foods. Here’s a short list, but if you need more ideas check out my Side Dishes Pinterest board. It’s overflowing with goodness.


purple cocktail and tonic cocktail

Just because you’re skipping brunch doesn’t mean you have to skip the mimosa! That’s orange juice and champagne. Too easy. Here’s a few other ideas for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that are both easy and pretty. If these fail you, throw a flower in something liquid and call it a day.


Okay. Here’s the thing. If you want to buy dessert at the store, serve ice cream out of a carton, mix up something out of box – totally acceptable. If you can’t bake, this is not the time to start. Trust me, most people don’t care if you make a brownie from scratch. BUT – if you do want to cook, here’s some ideas.

Other Ideas for an Easy Mother’s Day Barbecue

You’ve got your food and decor. What else do you need? Not much, really. Here’s a few fun little items if you have extra time.

And, finally, if you’re still confused about how to make the mother in your life’s day awesome, check out my Mother’s Day guide for guys. Enjoy celebrating Mom!

Mother’s day ideas – Skip the Mother’s Day brunch this year and try a Mother’s Day barbeque instead! A patio party is a fun way to celebrate mom, plus dads and kids can easily pull off a barbecue party. #mothersday #barbecue
It’s time to combine Mother’s Day ideas with outdoor celebration party ideas! Skip the long Mother’s Day brunch lines and throw a Mother’s Day barbeque instead! Here are some tips for a barbecue including barbecue party decorations and some tips to celebrate mom. Enjoy! #mothersday #barbecue
Wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Well, follow these tips for a barbecue and you’ll have a great Mother’s Day barbeque! Outdoor celebration party ideas are so fun this time of year and we all know how bad the lines are at Mother’s Day brunch. #mothersday #barbecue
Wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Well, follow these tips for a barbecue and you’ll have a great Mother’s Day barbeque! Outdoor celebration party ideas are so fun this time of year and we all know how bad the lines are at Mother’s Day brunch. #mothersday #barbecue
Hmm, what to do for mothers day? How about a barbecue party! These barbeque ideas work for any patio party, but it’s especially fun to do a mother’s day barbeque. These easy tips for a barbecue can be pulled off by dads with some help from the kids! #mothersday #barbecue

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