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Easy DIY Easter Photo Backdrop Ideas

I’m sure that if you follow my blog on the regular, you’re laughing hysterically that I might try to give you advice on DIY Easter photo backdrop ideas. You’ve seen my photography skills and know I can’t hack it. Jokes on you, frequent reader! When I take pictures of my kids, I try a lot harder than when I take a picture of a plate or whatever. I know, sounds crazy.

But, even if you don’t care for my photos, you might still wonder why you’d want to DIY kid pictures at all. Money, friends. That’s it. If you’ve already bought Christmas pictures and birthday pictures and school pictures and yada yada yada, do you really want to pay for Easter pictures too? Sorry, bunny. This one we’ll do ourselves.

DIY Easter Photo Backdrop Ideas


Easter basket with eggs outdoors

Props are what’s going to make your DIY Easter photo backdrop ideas “Easter” and not “sitting around on a regular day.” You can mix and match them as you choose, but here are my suggestions. FYI, the following are affiliate links, which means if you click them I might receive payment at no cost to you.


The more Easter-y your clothes, the less props you have to use. I always think of Easter clothes as fancy (because of church maybe?) but if you find something with the Easter bunny on it, well, any background turns into an Easter background, doesn’t it? I’m linking to some obviously Easter related clothing, but if you decide to go the fancy route like I do, remember that adding bunny ears does wonders.



For indoor photo shoots, if you aren’t a weirdo like me who STILL hasn’t bought furniture for the formal living room 2 years after throwing my housewarming party, you’re going to have to get creative. Look around your house for an empty-ish wall with not terrible lighting. For example, I once staged a photo shoot at the top of my parents stairs overlooking the entry.

This is where the blanket comes in. Instead of using the stair railing as a background, I just tossed the blanket over it. That wasn’t an Easter shoot so I don’t have an example, but once you have the blanket up you can put a couple of props in front of it. Have the kids sit in front and shoot away. If you have a baby, I also recommend having them lie on the blanket and shooting from above.


green bush

Fence Backdrop

I’m not sure what it is about a wooden fence that screams, “Spring!” but it’s certainly something. This is one of my favorite DIY Easter photo backdrop ideas because half of you can go do it right now, in your backyard. It doesn’t matter what your yard looks like, so long as there’s a fence. Put an Easter basket or bunny next to it and you’re good to go.

Greenery Backdrop

I grew up in the dessert, so I know that this won’t work for everyone, but if you can find one, this is just as easy as a fence. Last year my DIY Easter photo backdrop ideas all involved a library parking lot. They had a big wall of bushes, so we just posted up right there and took pictures in front of them. I added my decorative eggs and the kids sat on our lovely pastel blanket.

Trees Backdrop

When I lived in North Carolina, this was lots of fun. Again, I got to do it in my backyard (see below), but any area with woods will do. Trees are great because you can string up regular, cheap Easter eggs and pose the kids in front of them, like a little Easter wonderland.

*Notes on DIY Easter Photo Backdrop Ideas

DIY Easter Photo Backdrop Ideas

I know what you’re thinking. Where the heck are the kids in these photos you’ve posted? Well, my husband and I don’t publicly share photos of our kids, even on Facebook, so that’s that. I swear I actually do have them, though, and that up there is the decorated background I did for my son’s first Easter. I think you can see where the kid would go, right? No, not tied to the tree! On the blanket.

You might still need help with the actual photography part. My best tips are to read up a little on lighting beforehand, take a TON of photos, and edit. If you’re using your phone, you already having editing options, but you can also try GIMP, which is a free version of Photoshop. I can’t get my kids to smile like humans for anything, but if you let them play around while you shoot you can usually get a good one. Now go get those photos!

More Easter Ideas

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