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Celebrate October with this Quick Halloween Alcoholic Punch

Hello fellow busy moms who need a Halloween alcoholic punch to get them through the sugariest of all holidays! Okay, okay, I don’t need the alcohol. In fact, if I can let you in on a little internet secret, I only added alcohol to one glass to taste it. The rest, the pictures that you’re looking at, is regular punch. Tastes fine either way, friends, so don’t be afraid to skip the booze, save your liver, and quench the kids’ thirst.

I’m going to keep this so so brief today because I’m also putting out a great list of pumpkin carving party foods this week, but I have another secret for you. Aren’t secrets fun? Anyway, I tried a fun experiment with purple ice cubes for this punch, and let me tell you, 95° in October made that a melty choice. The purple completely takes over the orange, so that’s a fun trick to play on your guests if you have clear cups. Just put food coloring in your ice trays and pre-fill the cups with them so your punch bowl stays orange.

purple punch
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Recipe for an Orange Halloween Alcoholic Punch

ingredients for an alcoholic Halloween punch


How to Make:

  1. Mix together a 1:1 combination of sprite and juice along with your preferred amount of tequila.
  2. Add sherbert when ready to serve.
  3. Wah lah! You’re done. Go drink.
orange halloween alcoholic punch


Yes, you can substitute vodka for tequila. Vodka has no taste, do whatever you want with it. I mean, besides drink it like water. That’s bad. I like the tequila for a little extra flavor though, like a tropical margarita or something. Rum would probably work too, assuming you’re using the clear kind. I can’t vouch for it though!

Also, I suggest a 1:1 ratio of juice to Sprite to lighten it up, but you better believe I do not use any measuring devices. It’s punch. Please don’t waste your time trying to perfect it. Eyeball it, pour. If you’re going to do one heavier than the other, make it juice. Okay, that’s it. Happy Halloween!

orange Halloween punch
alcoholic halloween punch
halloween alcoholic punch
orange punch

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