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Can’t Sleep During Wedding Planning? Read This.

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It’s come to my attention that there are lot of people out there who can’t sleep during wedding planning. This is a serious issue. I know some of you probably remember back when I suggested you sleep less just to survive working with children. I stand by it; however, that is a very specific issue for a very specific set of people and it doesn’t last forever. In fact, I’m almost out of that phase myself. So you will have to trust me when I say I’m being sincere here – Get some sleep before your wedding, friends!

Actually, get some sleep even if it’s not your wedding. Are you planning a wedding? Participating in one? These are stressful events for everyone involved (shout out especially to MOH’s – check out my budget tips here). Surveys show even your guests get stressed – whether it be about their own weight, their attire, or their wallet. That means the whole place could potentially be full of wired, jittery folks trying not to crack under the pressure. The simple solution? Sleep. If the planners are relaxed, everyone else will feel at ease too.

Why You Can’t Sleep During Wedding Planning

There are plenty of reasons why you can’t sleep in general. See those cards above? Yeah. So many things can go wrong with your sleep, and those don’t even include reasons related to little devils masquerading as humans waking you up throughout the night. But, when it comes to why you can’t sleep during wedding planning, I think there’s a few obvious culprits, right? Let’s take a look.

A Busy Mind

One of my good friends is getting married in October. I asked her the other day, via text, if she had anything left to plan and she replied with a quick line about a suit… and then another about flowers… and then about fourteen more single-word texts that showed me just how much she has on her brain. I’ve been married a few years now, but I remember how it goes. You start playing all the things you have to do on a loop, wonder if you’ve forgotten something, and constantly have to recalculate your budget. It’s a lot, seriously. With all that going on it’s no wonder you can’t sleep during wedding planning.


This is the big one, right? Who doesn’t have anxiety when they’re planning their wedding? Like I said, even your guests get weird about it! Society’s made us a little wedding crazy and we want everything to be perfect. But it’s not just that. Are you sure you want to be stuck with that other person for the rest of your life? Do you really even need a wedding? Wouldn’t eloping be better?! Ahhhh!! Science says anxiety does cause sleeplessness (although it can go the other way around too, because anxiety is super fun), so it’s not surprising that one of the most anxiety-inducing experiences of our lives causes us to wander the halls at night, an event-planning zombie.

What You Can Do About It

white bedsheets

1. Put Your Phone Away

Study after study shows your phone is keeping you awake, so no matter what the main reason is for your sleepless nights, just go ahead and shut that thing down. Heaven forbid you accidentally check out wedding hairstyles on Pinterest and fall into that rabbit hole. Now, if you want to listen to a sleep podcast or something, I won’t judge you. But no one needs to look at the screen for a podcast. Let me say this again: If you can’t sleep during wedding planning, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY!!!

2. Meditate

Meditation is a cool way to get your mind relaxed. I know some of you are probably like no way, that’s too hippy-dippy for me. But really, there’s a ton of benefits to it and you don’t have to get all “Ommm”d out. Try an app like this (but leave the phone on the nightstand when you’re done!) or, if you think technology and meditation shouldn’t go together, a book like this. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy meditation. My overwhelm level is typically high, so it helps sometimes to pretend to be a mountain. That’s not a joke. Guided meditation both cracks me up and relaxes me, and I absolutely recommend you give it a try.

3. Figure out a Bedtime Ritual

This one might help those of you brides who absolutely cannot stop thinking about your wedding day. You know why? Because you can incorporate planning into your routine! This seems counterintuitive, but making lists is actually a pretty typical suggestion on how to turn off your brain before bed. Even though I am a huge fan of automated to-do lists, you should do this on paper if you’re trying to get to sleep. I suggest starting with the terrifying list of things you still need to do for the wedding, then perhaps a less stressful one like a regular to-do list, then finish up with a comforting one of all the things you got accomplished in the past week of planning. Will that be repetitive if you do it every night? Absolutely! That’s sort of the point.

4. Skip the Booze

You know what I like to have to calm down after an exhausting day of… whatever it is that I do? A glass of wine of course. Unless I’m too tired, because you know what happens then? I take a sip and then pass out on the couch. Next, I wake up at midnight, irritated I have to walk upstairs. Then I wake up again because guess what folks? Alcohol actually prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep! College me would be shocked to learn this, but it’s true. Plus, if you’re following in my footsteps, you’ve also wasted wine because that glass will still be there on the table the next morning. So, if you’re trying to keep yourself perky and not use all those bottles you could serve at your wedding, cut back on your alcohol intake.

5. Get Crafty

elephant coloring sheet

Suppose you put that phone away and you just can’t get into meditation. What then? Well, did you know that coloring for adults has proven health benefits, both emotionally and intellectually? It’s known to calm the part of the brain that releases the stress response, which is probably firing on all cylinders as you’re planning your perfect wedding day. Similar to meditation, coloring also helps you quiet a busy mind. Selecting a detailed coloring pattern helps with your focus and encourages overall mindfulness. Unwind after a long day of planning with these beautiful printable pages from, and you’ll find yourself relaxing in no time.

Those are my tips for anyone who can’t sleep during wedding planning. Of course, if you’re already going to sleep just fine but you can’t stay asleep or wake up unrefreshed, you might want to visit your doctor – or go mattress shopping. Either way, I hope you all get well-rested and throw the best events you can!

Can't sleep during wedding planning? Read these sleep tips and get rid of your wedding stress! #wedding #sleeptips #brides #weddingplanningWedding planning can keep you up at nights, but brides need their sleep. Use these can't sleep remedies to get you through all that event planning! #wedding #sleeptips #brides #weddingplanningEvent planning and wedding planning can make it hard to fall asleep. Try these can't sleep remedies for brides and planners to help you plan your best event. #wedding #sleeptips #brides #weddingplanningIf you can't sleep during wedding planning, try these sleep tips to make sure your wedding stress levels stay low. #wedding #sleeptips #brides #weddingplanning


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  1. Wedding planning according to me is a nightmare. Sorry. Even I don’t wanna get married. I hardly even attend weddings. Indian wedding is way too hard to plan. Though I loved your tips.

  2. I have to try Casper. I have trouble keeping a schedule for sleeping because I am a late owl but I work from the morning.

  3. Good advice for those planning a wedding and struggling with sleep. My brother in law’s fiance could benefit from this post. I will pass it on to her. They will be getting married in December.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Good luck to them! Hope it all goes smoothly and they’re nice and rested!

  4. I know how stressful wedding planning was 10 years ago, I can only imagine how stressful it is now. These are all great suggestions. I’m very guilty of looking at my phone before bed.

  5. Yeah, booze doesn’t allow our body to fully relax the way we need to relax. Definitely skip it if you are needing to do some honest work and planning. No matter how good it may make you feel in the moment.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Yep, I have no idea how so many famous authors managed to produce anything while drinking, I just fall right asleep.

  6. I don’t have any wedding plans in my future anytime soon, but I know how anxious I get when I’m getting ready to go on vacation so I just imagine multiplying that by 100 lol. This is a great article and great tips even if you aren’t planning anything.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Yeah, it’s true we could all put our phones away a little more often!

  7. take it from me! after the film festival and fashion week, skipping the booze and having a good nighttime routine (no instagram) is so key to relax! thanks for the tips. xo, natalie

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Oh goodness that sounds exhausting but fun!

  8. Great post.
    You have explained the things very beautifully.
    Keep sharing more information with your readers.

  9. Meditation and Yoga FTW. Shavaasan to the rescue lol or a bit of alcohol and netflix maybe? Interesting read ­čśÇ

  10. Hello,

    You can’t image how horrible it could be! My husband still laughs a lot when I start reminding him… You recall all the memories…hahaha

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I wouldn’t mind going back to not sleeping for fun stuff like that instead of crying babies. Lol.

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