These big game tips by time zone will help you figure out how to keep the party going - or end it early. #superbowl #party #gameday #gamedayideas #biggame #superbowlparty #footballparty
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Big Game Tips by Time Zone

If you’ve lived on both sides of the country, you’ll understand why I’m offering big game tips by time zone. While others are boycotting the NFL for political reasons this year, I’ve been boycotting it due to the fact that I’m asleep. Football sucks on the east coast, you guys. I miss getting up, going to the bar for Bloody Mary’s, and being home before two. I miss Monday Night Football. Is that still on? I wouldn’t know, it starts way too late. And, of course, I miss Super Bowl parties in the middle of the afternoon. But, they come with their own problems, so I have some solutions to those potential problems. I know there’s four time zones in the continental US  (I can’t help you, Hawaii and Alaska), but I’ve split it into two for these big game tips by time zone. Here we go!

Big Game Tips by Time Zone

These big game tips by time zone will help you figure out how to keep the party going - or end it early. #superbowl #party #gameday #gamedayideas #biggame #superbowlparty #footballparty

Eastern Time/Central Time

The Problem

Your party ends at halftime whether you want it to or not. The kids have to get to bed, so no one’s watching the game at all, and you’re left watching Malcolm Butler get an interception in the end zone by yourself, trying to figure out if that really just happened. Eventually your next-door neighbor sees the replay and the three of you still awake get excited for a wild ending, but really, the moment has passed.

Potential Solutions

  1. Make a really fantastic dessert. Seriously amazing, and it has to smell really, really delicious. The catch? You don’t put it in the oven to bake until right before halftime so people either smell it and want to stay or feel guilty and want to stay. If you can keep them there through halftime, unless the game is a total blowout, they’ll probably stay until the end.
  2. Invite neighbors and kid-free folk. If they don’t have kids, their bedtimes are probably later even if they do have work on Monday. Neighbors are also likely to stay longer since there’s no driving. That saves them time and means they can drink.
  3. Have all your friends from far away come, with their kids, but suggest the kids have a pajama party. Then the kids are already in their jammies when they show up and that saves times for the parents when they go home. You can set up sleeping bags and pillows with a movie in a different room so they calm down after the halftime show and the ones who really need it fall asleep.
  4. Play a super fun game at halftime, or set up your own sports book that requires them to be present to win. Who wants to let a good bet go by the wayside?
  5. So, this is completely the opposite. Let’s say you actually want all the guests out of there by halftime (I’m not sure why you threw the party, but hey, who am I to judge). Start cleaning up at the end of the second quarter. Seriously, just put all the food away and hide the cooler. If you do that, people will get the hint, and even if they don’t, who wants to hang out at a party without food?

Mountain Time/Pacific Time

These big game tips by time zone will help you figure out how to keep the party going - or end it early. #superbowl #party #gameday #gamedayideas #biggame #superbowlparty #footballparty

The Problem

You invite everyone over at 3:00 P.M. Everyone has a great time, getting their drink on, enjoying the game and all the delicious food you prepared based on the cities of the team’s playing.  The game comes down to the wire and you expect Tom Brady to come back, but instead Eli Manning beats him for the second time. It’s too exciting to handle because everyone hates the Patriots unless they’re from Boston. Now no one will leave – or couldn’t drive if they wanted to – and your house has turned into a rager.


  1. This should be your first step – set an end time when you invite people. Yes, it’s fine to say Super Bowl party from 3:00-7:30 or 4:00-9:00 or whatever time you’re dealing with. If you invite them in person, just send a text later with what to bring and the end time.
  2. That being said, sometimes people ignore that kind of thing, including other people you live with. In that case, you’ll have to try something else. Start with putting all the drinks away at the end of the third. This gives them a whole quarter to sober up. Don’t think they’ll take kindly to it? Either be really wise about the amount you buy or just sneak it away so they think they drank it. No one wants to leave in the fourth quarter for a beer run.
  3. Go ahead and start putting away the food too. You can do that as you go – anytime something finishes up, get rid of it. Then you can start your cleaning right when the game is over. People will get the hint.
  4. You know how the post game is always fun at first but gets boring once the confetti stops blowing? If you’re having a good time, you’ll want to change the channel to something awesome. If you want people to go home, you’ll want to either dive deep into some game analysis or check out something even more dull… C-Span? I don’t know. These big game tips by time zone do depend on your tastes a little.
  5. Again, the opposite – what if you want your guests to stay? It’s only seven-ish, after all, and maybe you want to avoid cleaning. This is pretty easy. Serve dinner. You had snacks out all day, so just make them less filling and order pizza delivery or something when it’s over. Then turn up the music and have yourselves a jolly time!

I hope you enjoyed these big game tips by time zone. I know I can’t be the only one who notices how different east coast and west coast parties are. Also, if the Patriots are playing this year, you should know by now, they have crazy endings. Don’t let those guests leave and miss an epic comeback or helmet catch.

These big game tips by time zone will help you figure out how to keep the party going - or end it early. #superbowl #party #gameday #gamedayideas #biggame #superbowlparty #footballpartyThese big game tips by time zone will help you figure out how to keep the party going - or end it early. #superbowl #party #gameday #gamedayideas #biggame #superbowlparty #footballpartyThese big game tips by time zone will help you figure out how to keep the party going - or end it early. #superbowl #party #gameday #gamedayideas #biggame #superbowlparty #footballparty

These big game tips by time zone will help you figure out how to keep the party going - or end it early. #superbowl #party #gameday #gamedayideas #biggame #superbowlparty #footballparty

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  1. These are great ideas. We usually don’t do the super bowl, except as a family to watch the commercials.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Hey, there is nothing wrong with watching it for the commercials. 🙂

  2. New England is in again so hold on. I am not a big fan but my husband is and he is used not not being awake for the end of games. I wonder what it is like to have NFL at 10 in the morning on the west.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      It’s amazing out there! The girls and I used to use football as an opportunity for brunch.

  3. I love how you incorporated solutions to these problems. I’ve never really thought about how timezones affect TV viewers. I can imagine how different west coast and east coast parties are. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed this xx

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      After living on both coasts, I can attest it’s definitely a different experience.

  4. I need to find a place to watch this game at. I am SO excited. These are great tips

  5. These are very good tips for people hosting game day parties. I really appreciate that you also included the time and suggestions on what to do during certain situations.

  6. What great ideas! I love the thought of having a real dinner at the end so everyone can actually sit and chat.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      It’d be nice, wouldn’t it? I guess depending on how the game goes though, I wouldn’t want to hang out with fans of the losing team. 🙂

  7. I’ve never had to really think about these other than bed time happening at some point during a sports game. I love the solutions. We now just have super bowl at home. I never really pay much attention to the game but I make appetizers galore for dinner and even the kids watch a little bit of the game.

  8. Brittany says:

    I’ve learned just how complicated time zones can make things this year. I’ve moved around a ton and it makes it hard!

  9. I don’t do sports. But I deal a ton with time zones living far away from friends and family. I deal with four time zones every week and I have used so many of these tips just to help me combat issues with the differences. Especially setting an end time for a call.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Yeah, it gets really annoying. I actually have most of my clients in CT, so I have to work later than I’d like most days.

  10. This is such a creative way to look at things – I’m personally not that into professional football but there’s plenty of people I know who are! Time zones can really pose some challenges but fortunately in the Midwest it’s never more than a two hour change for me most of the time

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      That’s helpful. I’m in Tennessee, but the ET part, not the CT part… which is also weird that state splits.

  11. Time is the biggest hassle, you’re totally right about this one! I think it’s such a cool guide for people who love hosting game day parties!

  12. reesa says:

    We don’t really follow football or the big game, but these are some great tips! I hope everyone has a fun ans safe party!

  13. I used to watch the superbowl with my housemates at uni because they were a big fan of the game!I liked your ideas on making a fantastic dessert and putting it out at half time!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Oh cool, I didn’t know you could watch it across the pond. 🙂

  14. Being in the Central Time zone, I never considered what it must be like to have the game at a time when you couldn’t finish it or it would be super late. Wow.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      You are lucky, you probably get the best of both worlds. Last year was super late with the overtime!

  15. These are great tips! My family loves college football, but we’re pretty neutral on pro (I know, crazy for a family from Dallas!). Still fun to hang out and get yummy snacks!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I feel like the Super Bowl is such an even it doesn’t matter if you like any of the teams or not.

  16. Haha, I love this! My family’s problem is that the Vikings are not in the super bowl! Now we don’t really care too much about watching.

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      My husband and I root for different teams, but they’re both terrible so we were rooting for the Vikings to get to play at home!

  17. thanks for breaking it down. we love watching the super bowl and you just made it easier.

  18. I never even thought about how a live broadcast would affect people in different time zones in different ways. Now that I think of it, I’m like, duh! I’m going to share this with some of my friends on the coast :p

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      It was super weird the first time I had to watch it on the east coast, I will admit.

  19. I was so hoping my team would make the big game this year so I would actually want to watch it. Sadly, no. Guess I’ll be watching it for the ads and the halftime show yet again since I’m not a fan of either team.

  20. I am Eastern, and those are some awesome tips! We don’t get to watch most of it because of the kids, but I typically set it to record lol

  21. This is one of the best Super Bowl posts ever. I’m not a big fan of the game but I enjoy having friends and family over for food and football.

  22. We stopped going to Super Bowl parties a long time ago. There are too many factors and headaches to consider, o e just watch from home with a few friends.

  23. Super great tips! I don’t think I’ve ever considered giving an end time for a game party . . .

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      I never did either until the Super Bowl party that never ended… Work the next day was awful. Lol.

  24. Jeanine says:

    Wonderful tips! I’ll be honest we don’t watch sports in our house at all. It kind of bums me out. Would love to have people over and have some good snacks! But we just aren’t interested.

  25. Very cool idea! It is indeed super fun and at the same time not tedious on your part. And I have to say, you did a great job on this article. Recognizing a problem and providing a solution! Thumbs-up!

  26. These are great ideas. We are in the Central time zone so I don’t have that issue, but we have for the Stanley Cup.

  27. This is hilarious! I love your suggestion for adding an end time to your party invite. This is just a good rule in general unless you want people hanging at your house all night!

  28. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    The solutions you have started to incorporate with the problems that might have raised are completely useful and will be beneficial. This is so exciting and will be helpful in the future.

  29. Lol, girl you have literally thought about every scenario. We have definitely been in the situation where no one wanted to leave, when the Giants beat the Patriots (we are from NY). I hated the fact that I threw the party, but really, beating the Patriots was worth going to bed at 1am to get up for work at 5am the next day.

    Thrifting Diva

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Oh wow, I can only imagine actually watching my team win. I think it’s totally different though – if you’re hosting a party for commercials, kick them out, but if you’re legit celebrating, that’s worth it!

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