Baby's first shoe Christmas ornament - an easy DIY Christmas craft that will be preserve memories of your baby's first Christmas. #christmas #ornaments #christmasornaments #diy #crafts #firstchristmas
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Baby’s First Shoe Christmas Ornament

This baby’s first shoe Christmas ornament is super easy to make, and it’s also a really fun keepsake. In my head I like to pretend I’m a great crafty mother who has a unique Christmas ornament for every year of my kids’ lives. but we’re only on Christmases 4 and 2, and so far I’ve got one ornament. Can you guess what it is? Yep. My son’s first shoe. That’s it up above. Since I’m working on my daughter’s today I figured I’d go ahead and help ya’ll out with my how-to. I’ve seen DIY Christmas shoe ornaments on Pinterest, but they all seem vintage. My kids weren’t born in the roaring twenties, so I keep them pretty modern.

For you frugal mamas, this has an added bonus because lord knows those babies never walked in their first shoes. In fact, if they’re like mine, they mostly just looked at you, confused as to why you were clamping a torture device to their foot. What can I say, kid? Your grandma bought them. So now you’re able to get a lifetime of use out of that once wasted shoe, and second bonus – you can give one as a gift! Well, if you can find the second shoe, anyway. My daughter’s has up and vanished, which I suppose is what you get when you wait until she’s 1 1/2 to do this. Okay, here we go.

How to Make a Baby’s First Shoe Christmas Ornament

craft materials for baby shoe ornament


Baby shoe
Christmas garland, holly, any kind of decor
Super Glue or Hot Glue Gun


1. Try out a few looks.

baby shoe Christmas ornament

Look, there’s not actually a lot of instructions to this baby’s first shoe Christmas ornament. It’s mostly just glue stuff. But, please, don’t glue all willy nilly. Try out a few different looks before you cut your material and make sure it’s something you enjoy. It’s true that you only have to look at it once a year, but in theory you’re going to look at it every year for the rest of your life, so do it right. This was my first attempt, but I truly hated it. Glad I didn’t glue right away.

2. Cut Down Your Decorations

Once you’ve decided how you like it, make sure your decorations actually fit inside the shoe. Baby shoes are tiny. My son’s worked out pretty easy because he had a boot, but my daughter’s is a little footie. You have to get creative with sizing for those. If you can, keep your branches/holly/flowers in a bunch that still has the connector surrounding it. You know, the little ring you always find at the top of the stem of fake flowers. Most of your Christmas stuff will have that too. If you can keep it bunched, it’ll be less gluing later. I also wound up obsessed with this big pine cone that couldn’t fit in the shoe. To make it work, I took off the bottom layer.

5. Add ribbon.

baby shoe with ribbon

You will need about six inches. Most baby shoes have loops on the back, so you just swoop it through and tie it. Can’t get much easier than that! If your shoe is missing a loop, here’s what I suggest. Glue your ribbon to the inside under a bit of decor to keep it safe. If you have a thin enough shoe you could also sew it. Either way, shouldn’t take much extra time.

4. Glue away

First Christmas ornament DIY project. Preserve your baby's first shoe with an easy DIY Christmas ornament. #christmas #ornaments #christmasornaments #diy #crafts #firstchristmas

Ah, the fun part. I own a hot glue gun, and I use it, but you know what I’ve found? That stuff always falls apart easier. That’s why I’ve turned to super glue. It’s up to you though – whatever you think will get the job done. If you have a big well in your shoe, you probably won’t need much, but for the footies it is a little more difficult. Try to glue your branches or holly together at the connector, or if there is no connecting piece, somewhere at the bottom. Then glue that to the shoe. After that, glue your bigger pieces to both the shoe and any other part of the decoration it touches. That’s it. You’re done. Hope you and your baby love this DIY ornament for years to come!

Bonus Christmas Crafts

If this baby’s first shoe Christmas ornament was not your thing, may I suggest a few other crafts? Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. Two other crafts, my friends, how much time do you think I have?!

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Need DIY Christmas gifts for family? Try a first Christmas ornament made from a baby shoe. It’s a great Christmas decoration and a super easy craft! #christmas #ornaments #christmasornaments #diy #crafts #firstchristmasThis DIY first Christmas ornament makes it easy to remember all your holiday traditions. Preserve your memories by making a baby shoe Christmas decoration. #christmas #ornaments #christmasornaments #diy #crafts #firstchristmasRemember baby’s first Christmas with this DIY baby’s first shoe Christmas ornament. It’s a great way to keep your shoe and decorate your tree! #christmas #ornaments #christmasornaments #diy #crafts #firstchristmas

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  1. Oh my word! What a precious gift to give to a mom or to anyone with children, really. I love your creativity and the amazing decor you used to make the shoe! It’s great that you have made good use out of your children’s first shoes!

    1. Beth Davidson says:

      Oh thanks! I definitely didn’t want those useless shoes to go to waste. ­čÖé

  2. this is precious! what a fantastic idea to preserve memories!

  3. I adore your creativity! Using your baby’s first shoe as a holiday ornament!
    This is so inspiring, I think I’ll try to give a purpose for items I’ve discarded.

  4. This is such a unique idea! I have never even thought of this and I have two children. That is so creative. They turned out beautifully!!

  5. This is such a beautiful ornament! Something so unique and thoughtful for such a special occasion.
    Ebony x

  6. This is such a unique and fun way to remember your little one! I’m always trying to think of sentimental ornaments I can make to remember when the kids are little.

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