Affiliate Links

If you’ve come to this page, you must have noticed I have set up affiliate links.  Call me optimistic, but I’m hoping that this blog can become a source of income for me. Since that’s the case, there are a few little rules I have to follow that were set up by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2009. Apparently that’s when the internet became a big deal. Anyway, they want everyone to be open and honest about any paid endorsements they receive in order to protect the public. That’s you! I’m sure you appreciate not being intentionally or erroneously mislead about whether or not I’m getting paid to write something right? Sure you do!

So, what is an affiliate link anyway? According to Webopedia, it’s a special URL that has the ID or username of the affiliate (in this case, that’s me).  Then the advertiser uses that URL to track what traffic the affiliate send to their site. It’s pretty simple. If there’s something I like to use, I can link it to a specific URL in my posts and send it back to an advertiser.

Just so you know, I may use affiliate links, but I would never promote something I haven’t used or have used but didn’t find helpful.  No need to sell my soul and besmirch my name over a silly product, right? I’ll save that for something much more scandalous.  If anyone ever asks for me to review something, I’ll be honest about that too.

Use of Images

I mostly use my own photography for this website, but from time to time I do purchase stock pictures. Though those pictures don’t require attribution, I think the photographers would probably not like it if you took them for yourself off of this website instead of theirs.  If you’d like to use one of the images you see, please write to me at [email protected] I will be happy to offer you permission to use my own images or direct you where you need to go for others.