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5 Best Different Types of Monkey Bread

Over Christmas I started looking through different types of monkey bread thinking I could be creative enough to come up with my own amazing recipe. Turns out that’s absolutely impossible because I’m like two decades too late for the whole internet thing. I mean, I searched “peanut butter and jelly” monkey bread, and got pages and pages of results. What?! That’s insane.

But, I’ve always loved monkey bread and it’s so easy to make. I didn’t want to abandon the idea of having monkey bread on my blog, and it just so happens that Easter is coming up and one of my favorite Easter brunch ideas involves monkey bread. So, I’ve gathered up the ten best different types of monkey bread for you here. Hopefully you can integrate one into your holiday celebration!

The Different Types of Monkey Bread You Should Try

Traditional Monkey Bread

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Okay, so the most obvious monkey bread is regular monkey bread. But did you know you can make it from scratch? You can, apparently, although I’m not going to lie to you, that sounds awful. I’ll be buying Pillsbury, thank you very much. Also, if you’re a newbie to monkey bread, there is one kitchen tool you need: a bundt pan.

Savory Monkey Bread

different types of monkey bread include savory

What else could you call these types of monkey breads? Cheesy monkey bread? Garlic knots? Bread? Ug, it doesn’t matter. It’s basically just chopped up bread. Still delicious though, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Dessert Monkey Bread

glazed monkey bread
Monkey bread on a wooden floor for your design

This category kind of fits into every monkey bread, doesn’t it? But I mean specifically ones with chocolate and frosting and just a general overload of sugar. Perfect for all the kids who have trouble staying awake (I assume that’s a mythical creature)!

Breakfast Monkey Bread

Personally, I think monkey bread is breakfast food, but then I also think breakfast food belongs on the dinner table, so maybe my opinion means nothing. These choices are deliberately breakfast like though.

Holiday Monkey Bread

I’m naming holidays as one of the different types of monkey bread because there are some monkey breads with ingredients you would just straight up not make unless it was a holiday. And friends, put the pumpkin spice away until the fall, okay?

Okay that’s about it on the different types of monkey bread! I mean, you can find a gazillion other recipes if you want, but that about sums up the categories. Also, is anyone else starting to think monkey bread looks like a made up word? I need to go do something else stat, so enjoy your food!

A list of all the best monkey bread recipes, broken into types. There’s savory monkey bread, holiday monkey bread, fun monkey bread, and more. Yum! #monkeybread #food #pullapartbread #desserts #snacks #brunch
Monkey bread with canned biscuits is a fun brunch food, but you can make so much more than regular pull apart bread. Have you tried savory monkey bread or holiday monkey bread? It doesn’t matter, all monkey bread easy and delicious! #monkeybread #food #pullapartbread #desserts #snacks #brunch
Looking for a monkey bread recipe? Well, here’s a list of the best monkey bread recipes! From fun monkey bread to savory monkey bread to holiday monkey bread, this list gathers them all. These are great ideas for brunch food, easy desserts, or just a tasty snack! #monkeybread #food #pullapartbread #desserts #snacks #brunch
If you’re searching for brunch menu ideas, I suggest one of these easy monkey bread recipes. You can try savory monkey bread with eggs, regular monkey bread with canned biscuits, or even special holiday monkey bread. All the best monkey bread recipes make for fast, easy, fun food!  #monkeybread #food #pullapartbread #desserts #snacks #brunch

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